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Plastic Business Cards

We’re your expert printing service for plastic business cards in NYC. Choose from a wide range of styles and materials for your plastic business cards.

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Try our plastic business cards available to order directly online. Simply select your options, upload your artwork, make an easy & secure payment and your order will begin right away. Need something different? Get a custom plastic business card quote from our team.

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Plastic Business Cards NYC

Plastic business cards give a serious and professional look to your business cards and card needs – give your business brand power! Perfect for business branding or personal use, our plastic business cards NYC service provides a wide range of plastic business cards printing options to meet all of your needs. These cards are perfect for VIP cards, custom membership cards, loyalty cards and of course, pure business cards.

We offer a variety of plastic card printing options including 20PT and 30mil. Our 30mil plastic business cards are just slightly thicker than our 20PT card in a very similar thickness to a credit card. Available in frosted, metallic silver, white and clear, our plastic cards are sure to impress.

Do you have a design in mind for your plastic card printing job? Need some help with the design? Get in touch with one of our graphic design team who can help you every step of the process from conception to the final work. Our team are experts in branding, identity and design and can help your plastic cards stand out when you send the next communication to your clients.

Membership Cards

Plastic membership cards project a modern and dynamic image for your group, club, business or association. These cards, which may be customized with your club’s colors, raise your members’ status and strengthen their loyalty and sense of belonging. We can print your membership cards in any quantity, including huge +100,000 card runs, making it exceptionally simple to replace your current paper membership card system with a modern plastic card system. Your members will love the finish and detailing on our membership cards! These plastic cards capture people’s attention whether you’re sending out your contact information or crafting something for VIPs. They stand out from typical paper cards due to their unique texture and sheen.

VIP Cards

Your VIPs are the most valuable members at your business. Giving them a special card which allows them special features and promotions at your venue helps create a sense of importance and belonging. Plastic VIP cards printed at Printing New York allow your wildest designs and creations to come true on a durable, high quality card that will last years. Choose from a variety of finishes and add custom details like variable data, designs and logos as well as names, addresses and dates to your VIP cards.

How to get the best out of your plastic business cards

Brightly colored designs look best on the high-gloss plastic, and printing on both sides makes the cards more noticeable. While bright colors look best on plastic business cards, the possibilities are endless. Your plastic business cards could even be all white or black.

You can actually write on the cards using a permanent marker (except for black plastic business cards).

Our plastic business cards lack “mag strip” technology, which is the black stripe on the back of the card that readers can access. Graphics or images used in the creation of identification cards, credit cards, or bank cards are forbidden.

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Plastic Business Card FAQs

Why is plastic a good choice for business cards?

Are you unsure whether plastic business cards are the best option? Let us inform you that plastic is likely to be the greatest material for business plastic cards for a number of reasons:

Making a Lasting Impression:
A plastic business card sticks out in a stack of paper business cards and leaves a lasting impression. Customers may consider paper business cards to be overrated because they receive a large number of paper-made business cards. When they come across a plastic business card in a stack of cards, however, the smooth finish is guaranteed to make an impression on the potential client. When it comes to business cards, plastic material is unique, and you may take advantage of this to make a lasting impression.

Premium Appearance:
Plastic business cards, unlike paper business cards, have a glossy and smooth texture that gives them a premium appearance. We employ innovative printing technology at K12Print to enhance the overall appearance of plastic business cards. Your business card’s quality appearance will undoubtedly capture the interest of a potential client or partner.

Excellent Longevity:
There’s no arguing that plastic is far more durable than paper. You don’t want your business cards to be readily pulled off because that would be humiliating. This is why using plastic instead of paper for business cards is a preferable option. You will get durable plastic cards with bespoke designs at K12print.

These are the primary reasons why plastic is regarded as a superior material for business cards.

Can my plastic membership cards have sequential numbering or variable printing?

Our plastic works best as a business card because it stands out against more typical materials like paper and card stock. Magnetic strips, sequential numbering, and changeable printing are not available for your orders.

On a transparent, frosted, and white plastic card, how will the white sections of my design appear?

Your design’s white portions will blend in with the plastic’s appearance. On a clear card, white ink will seem translucent, frosted on a semi-transparent card, and white on an opaque white material.

What is the real thickness of your 20PT plastic card?

Because of its tearproof and waterproof properties, our 20PT material is slightly thinner than a credit card but just as durable. It will last for years and will not be destroyed if your customers look after their plastic business cards.

Can I print an ID card?

We can print any design that looks like an ID card, credit card, or bank card, but we can’t legally print any design that looks like an ID card, credit card, or bank card. Other personalized plastic cards (such as loyalty or membership cards) are acceptable.