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We’re the fastest flyer printing service in NYC with our famous ‘same day flyers’. For over 20 years Printing New York has delivered flyer printing jobs for all industries across New York and Nationwide.

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Try our flyer printing products available to order directly online. Simply select your options, upload your artwork, make an easy & secure payment and your order will begin right away. Need something different? Get a custom flyer printing quote from our team.

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Flyer Printing NYC

Flyers are an important tool of self-promotion. They are small advertisements of you and your company providing basic information, showcasing your products and services. A well-designed flyer attracts attention and projects a positive image of your company to your customers.

Printing New York offers you the possibility to print personalized flyers with a wide variety of options and sizes. Our flyers are printed using our digital presses, allowing you the flexibility to print the exact quantity you need. Go where your target market is; pick the right location and watch your marketing campaign soar with targeted promotional flyer printing.

Choose from standard and jumbo flyers, perfect for club promotions, event promotions and notices. Our printing services are available to clients from Long Island and New Jersey as well. We even offer same day rush printing in New York City with our same day flyer options. Simply place your order before 1pm and pickup same day in either our Soho or Brooklyn locations from 4-6pm.

Flyers are a low cost, high return marketing tool that is easy to distribute, eye-catching and can help you reach a large audience with minimal time and efford. All our flyers are printed on luxurious 12-14PT card stocks and available in a glossy, matte or uncoated finish to suit your needs. Our gloss options have an added water-based coating making them more resistant to scratching and smudging.

Cheap Flyer Printing

The price depends on the type, material and quantity of your brochures to order. For example, our standard business flyers (8.5″ x 11″) for 100lb of glossy paper start at 48¢ for 100 pieces. We have many options to make the flyers profitable for your business and budget. You can check the price of a brochure with the order calculator.

Traditional marketing tools such as TV advertising, print advertising, direct mail can distribute the message to an audience. However, these advertising methods can be difficult for some companies. Such advertising methods may be a little expensive for some companies, especially for start-ups and small businesses. Therefore, for small businesses, a brochure can be an effective marketing tool.

If you think about the need to print cheap color brochures for your business, there are many reasons why you should do it.

Brochures are a profitable way to promote your business. You can use the brochure to spread information about your business. Brochures are available in various shapes and sizes. If you can find the taste of your target audience, you can easily customize the brochures. Pamphlets should always be designed to immediately attract the attention of the public.

Standard Flyer Size

The standard flyer is usually the size of a piece of computer paper. It is 8.5″ x 11″ in the US, or an A4 (8.3″ x 11.7″) very similar to the rest of the world. But smaller formats are also popular when it comes to flyers. The most common sizes for flyers include:

8.5″ x 11″ is the standard font size. It provides enough space for images, graphics, and longer text.
5.5″ x 8.5″ is easy to distribute, store, and hold.
5″ x 7″ is about half the size of a letter. Easy to carry and keep moving.
4″ x 6″ is a smaller and more compact size. Another alternative to this size is 4.25″ x 5.5″.

Custom Flyer Printing

No problem! Just because leaflets and brochures have standard sizes does not mean that yours should have standard sizes.

Perhaps you need a tall, narrow brochure because you’ll be distributing it as a bookmark between the pages of your latest novel, or a rather elegant brochure that will be tied like a small scroll in a cup. Or maybe you don’t need a custom size, but a slightly different material from your typical paper variants (like a waterproof brochure showing all the sights a guest can expect on a whale’s adventure, or a pamphlet shining under the black light of an ad drinking special drinks on a raging night in your club).

You’ll pay a little more to get what you need, but an investment in the perfect print product for your brand will pay off… …if your brand demands it. Sometimes it’s easy – for example, if you’re just sewing pamphlets for a garage sale around town and plan to tear them down in 72 hours. But when you design something that will have a greater impact or a longer life, the size and material you choose is as important to your brand as the design elements such as your font and color palette.

If traditional sizes make your project look like it’s in a box, then stand up and go with something that fits your brand. Litlast pamphlet design.
When you decide you need something atypical, you need to budget for anything that comes with deviations, such as envelopes made to fit more than the average size of your flyer, or a flyer in a strange way.

You also need to make sure you work with a designer with experience in creating unique designs, because the size and shape of the finished product must be taken into account from the first sketch. Trying to scale or reformat a design made for a standard size page or brochure may leave you with a final product that feels shaky or does not achieve the effect you are looking for because the proportions and the size hierarchy are all wrong.

The size of the brochure is important!

When designing a brochure or leaflet (or any printed product) always think about the actual size and shape of the final product at each stage of the design process. A design that works for a letter-size brochure will probably not work for a tabloid-size brochure, and a design that looks amazing how it will work three times like a fold for an accordion.

Just before you start the drawing process, determine what it will do, its size and how it will be folded. And before you define them, find out where the product will fit in your funnel, because it will take you to the size, material and shape most appropriate to show your drawing.

Flyer Printing FAQs

How much does it cost to print a flyer?

With flyer printing, the more you order the more you save. It can cost as little as 7 cents per flyer if you order in quantities like 2,500 or more. For smaller runs and faster, same day turnarounds, expect to pay $1-2 per flyer and more if you add effects.

Can I print my own flyers?

It’s not a simple task to print your own flyers without professional printing machinery and tooling. Matching colors, setting up bleeds and being able to print at high speeds of 3000 flyers an hour is not possible without state-of-the-art machinery. Printing New York are the flyer printing experts in NYC with over 20 years experience in print. Talk to our team today.

Is flyer distribution illegal?

No, flyer posting is legal, as long as you don't break any other rules such as littering, posting on private property or trespassing. For best results, if you're posting your flyers on a public board or location, enquire with the property owners what you are allowed to do. Community bulletin boards, laundromats, elevators, senior centers, reception areas are all great places to post flyers however usually are private properties so will require permission.

Do I need a licence to distribute leaflets or flyers?

No, you don't require a permit to distribute flyers and there's no rules against handing them out on the streets as long as you don't break littering or public nuisance laws.

Can you put up flyers without a permit?

Yes you can as long as you have permission to post the flyers in the location you want. Flyer posting is often done on private property which requires strict permissions.

Can I put my flyers in mailboxes?

USPS Collection boxes are owned and operated by the United States Postal Service which is a federal entity. No, you are not allowed to stick or affix anything to a mailbox, however you are free to put them in anyone's mailbox as long as you adhere to any rules and regulations the mailbox or building has. There are very little restrictions on what you can mail to people as a flyer.