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Social Distancing Floor Decals

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Artwork files require a 0.125 bleed, 300 dpi files, CMYK mode. If you are using vector files like PDF, AI, or EPS please outline all fonts. When you upload a PSD file, please merge all visible layers.

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Social Distancing Floor Stickers

Our vinyl social distancing floor decals are ideal for promotional and informational messaging in your store. For Coronavirus COVID-19 safety instructions including marking spaces for safe social-distancing as well as signage to important areas of your store, we print all sizes and dimensions of floor stickers and floor decals for all your needs.

Tile, wooden planks, vinyl, laminate, glass, smooth concrete, and walls are just a few of the surfaces that our social distancing floor decals can be placed to. Our carpet decals are made exclusively for commercial carpet installations and are great for quick installation and removal. They’re residue-free, so they won’t damage your carpet once you remove them, and they’re coated with the same anti-slip coating as our other social distancing stickers, so they’re entirely safe to walk on without slipping.

Our social distancing floor decals are covered by a certified anti-slip coating, indicating that the level of slip resistance has been thoroughly tested and determined to be safe. Your decals & stickers will not curl or pull off any surface thanks to the strong adhesive. Our floor decals are guaranteed to be safe to use on any indoor surface.

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Review Highlights - Social Distancing Floor Decals

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4.8 / 5
1913 Total reviews
91% Would order again
  1. Burn (verified owner)
    United States
    Verified Buyer

    I liked how simple the application was. It has a basic, bold, and clean appearance. Affordable. I’d buy it again.

  2. kitchoki571 (verified owner)
    United States
    Verified Buyer

    In high-traffic areas like the time clock and elevators, these social distancing floor stickers lasted 2 to 3 months.

  3. doggery (verified owner)
    United States
    Verified Buyer

    The floor decals on the 6ft Social Distanve were fantastic. We were preparing for a Grand Opening and needed to set apart areas in the store. They were used on slick floors. They’ve finally peeled off, and it’s been a month.

  4. dmod (verified owner)
    United States
    Verified Buyer

    They were used in our church on carpeted floors, in our social hall with linoleum floors, and even on the concrete sidewalk going into the social hall on December 2nd, weeks ago, and they’re holding up far better than I expected. Looks a lot nicer than just using blue tape to mark off 6 feet. They have adhered and held well after I purchased 90 of them and utilized 35 of the extras as spares.

  5. King Reapzz (verified owner)
    United States
    Verified Buyer

    Excellent floor stickers that assist keep consumers at a safe distance from one another.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How big is a 2x2 inch sticker?

A sticker measuring 2x2 inches has dimensions of 2 inches in width and 2 inches in height.

What is a floating floor installation system?

A floating floor installation system is a technique for installing flooring materials that eliminates the need for nails or glue, enabling effortless removal and replacement. This method offers convenience and versatility while maintaining a professional finish.

What is a good size for a decal?

The ideal size for a decal varies based on its intended purpose and visibility, but typical dimensions typically span from 2 inches to 12 inches in diameter.

What size is a small decal?

A typical small decal usually has a diameter or width ranging from 2 to 4 inches.

How big can decals be?

Cell decals can be manufactured in a wide range of sizes, spanning from petite stickers to expansive graphics, contingent upon the precise demands and capabilities of the printing machinery.

What is floor adhesive remover?

Floor adhesive remover is a distinctive chemical solution crafted to efficiently dissolve and eliminate adhesive residues from diverse flooring surfaces.

What material is used for floor decals?

Floor decals are commonly crafted from a resilient vinyl material specifically engineered to stick to diverse flooring surfaces.

What kind of vinyl is used for floor decals?

Floor decals are commonly crafted from a resilient and sticky vinyl material that is specially formulated for use on floors.

What size are floor decals?

Floor decals are available in a wide range of sizes, typically varying from 12 inches to 48 inches in diameter or width.

How long do floor decals last?

Floor decals generally have a lifespan of 3 to 6 months, which is determined by factors such as foot traffic and maintenance.

How do floor decals work?

Floor decals are designed with a robust adhesive material that can be easily affixed to different types of floor surfaces. This enables the display of captivating graphics and messages in heavily frequented areas.

Are floor graphics effective?

Floor graphics are incredibly impactful in capturing attention, amplifying brand visibility, and fostering customer engagement.

What material is used for floor graphics?

Floor graphics are commonly crafted from resilient vinyl materials that are specifically engineered to endure high levels of foot traffic and firmly adhere to a wide range of flooring surfaces.

How long do floor graphics last?

Floor graphics generally have a lifespan of 3 to 6 months, which is contingent upon the level of foot traffic and maintenance.

Are floor stickers worth it?

Floor stickers offer a remarkable and economical means to amplify brand exposure, captivate customers, and ensure safety across diverse environments.

How long do floor stickers last?

Floor stickers generally have a duration of 3 to 6 months, varying according to foot traffic and environmental factors.

How long do floor tile stickers last?

Floor tile stickers generally have a lifespan of multiple years, contingent upon the caliber of materials employed and the amount of foot traffic experienced in the space.

Can you mop floor stickers?

Exercise caution when mopping the floor to prevent any harm to the adhesive or compromise the quality of the print.

How do you remove unremovable stickers?

An efficient technique for eliminating stubborn stickers involves utilizing heat from a hairdryer or heat gun to soften the adhesive, facilitating effortless removal.

Are peel and stick floor tiles hard to remove?

Peel and stick floor tiles pose a challenge when it comes to removal due to their exceptional adhesive properties, ensuring a strong bond with the applied surface.

Is Peel and Stick actually renter friendly?

Peel and Stick materials are truly ideal for renters as they offer effortless application, damage-free removal, and exceptional adaptability for temporary design solutions.

What is the best size for vinyl stickers?

The optimal dimensions for vinyl stickers vary based on the particular use and design, but typical sizes typically span from 2x2 inches to 4x6 inches.

What is the best way to remove stickers from laminate?

The optimal technique for eliminating stickers from laminate involves utilizing heat through a hairdryer or heat gun, followed by delicately peeling off the remaining residue using a plastic scraper or credit card.

How big should a sticker design be?

The dimensions of a sticker design vary based on its purpose and location, but it is generally advised to create designs that span from 2x2 inches to 4x6 inches for maximum visibility and effectiveness.

What size dance floor decal do I need?

The dance floor decal you require is determined by the measurements of your dance floor and the desired coverage area.

What are the steps for floor decals?

The process of creating floor decals involves several key steps: designing the artwork, choosing the right material, printing the decals, preparing the surface, applying the decals, and ensuring they adhere properly.

Are tile stickers a good idea?

Tile stickers offer a brilliant solution for effortlessly enhancing the appearance of your tiles, without the hefty price tag of a full-scale renovation. These versatile and trendy stickers can instantly infuse your tiles with a fresh and stylish aesthetic, making them an ideal choice for those seeking an affordable yet impactful upgrade.

Do tile stickers look cheap?

Tile stickers can be crafted to exude a sense of sophistication and elegance, ensuring they steer clear of any semblance of inferiority.

How do you remove decals from ceramic tile?

To eliminate decals from ceramic tile, delicately warm the decal using a hairdryer and subsequently employ a plastic scraper to carefully detach it. Afterward, eradicate any remaining residue by wiping it off with rubbing alcohol.

How do you remove social distancing stickers from floor?

To eliminate social distancing stickers from the floor, carefully lift them off using a plastic scraper or credit card, and subsequently cleanse any leftover residue with a gentle adhesive remover.

How do you get sticky labels off the floor?

To effectively eliminate adhesive labels from the floor, employ a blend of heat, adhesive removers, and delicate scraping methods.

How do you remove vinyl floor decals?

To effectively remove vinyl floor decals, carefully apply heat using a hairdryer or heat gun, and then slowly peel them off to prevent any surface damage.

Is vinyl floor sticker good?

Vinyl floor stickers offer a fantastic option for enhancing visual appeal and branding in diverse spaces, thanks to their exceptional durability, versatility, and effortless application.

Are floor decals easy to remove?

Yes, floor decals are meticulously crafted to possess effortless removability, leaving no trace of residue or harm to the underlying surface.

Do floor stickers really work?

Yes, floor stickers prove to be a compelling and distinctive method to captivate attention, enhance brand recognition, and direct customers in diverse environments.

Are floor stickers removable?

Yes, floor stickers are commonly crafted to possess the quality of being easily removable without inflicting any harm to the underlying surface.

Can you put floor stickers over tile?

Yes, floor stickers possess the ability to be affixed onto tile surfaces, resulting in the creation of distinctive and attention-grabbing designs.

Can tile stickers be removed?

Yes, tile stickers can be effortlessly detached without inflicting any harm to the underlying surface.

Can you put vinyl stickers on floor?

Certainly, vinyl stickers are indeed suitable for floor applications due to their durability, waterproof nature, and ability to withstand foot traffic.