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  • Choose the print size of the catalogs (width x height). 

    Our short-run catalog print varies between 10 and 200 copies. If you need larger quantities check out our bulk catalog prin

    Choose the number of pages for your catalogs
    Choose the binding method for your catalogs. The Saddle Stitching is made by punching wire though the documents outside spine, then bending the wire flat on the inside center fold to grip all the pages. The Wire-O binding uses formed wire that threads through punched holes. This allows the catalog to lay flat when open.
    Our catalogs come with a left side binding or top side binding

    Choose between the 80 lb paper gloss or 100 lb paper gloss for the inside pages  of your catalogs

    Choose between full color or black & white / grayscale for the inside pages of your catalog. 

    Choose the perfect cover page paper type for the catalogs

    Choose the turnaround time for the catalog print. The selected production period will begin when we have received all of your print-ready artwork or a separate print approval if a gallery proof has been requested. 

Image Uploads

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    Artwork files require a 0.125 bleed, 300 dpi files, CMYK mode. If you are using vector files like PDF, AI, or EPS please outline all fonts. When you upload a PSD file, please merge all visible layers.Max file size: 200 MBPermitted file types: jpg jpeg jpe png gif pdf svg eps ai psd xd ps


Artwork files require a 0.125 bleed, 300 dpi files, CMYK mode. If you are using vector files like PDF, AI, or EPS please outline all fonts. When you upload a PSD file, please merge all visible layers.

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Catalogs Printing

Impress your clients with high quality printed catalogs. Choose from a wide variety of options including saddle stitched and wire-o binding, full color or black and white greyscale with run sizes from 10 to 200.

Catalogs are printed publications or booklets that list and describe your products or services offered by your business. You can design them with anything you like, including images, descriptions, and pricing information for each item, as well as contact information and other details for your business or organization.

Catalogs are used by a wide range of businesses and organizations, including retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers, and service providers. They can be used to promote and sell products or services, as well as to provide information to customers and clients. Catalogs can be an effective marketing tool, as they allow customers to easily browse and compare products or services and make informed purchasing decisions.

Impress your clients with appealing, high-quality catalogs. We provide affordable, high quality, fast turnaround catalogs in short and bulk runs. Our catalogs are printed using our offset printers providing efficient and consistent printing results. Perfect for your service and restaurant menu, product showcase or to mail to your customers, order your catalogs today.

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Use CMYK Colors

In offset printing, the standard color mode used in CMYK. When you are creating your files, be sure to check the color mode as programs like Photoshop by default use RBG color, not CMYK.

Accepted File Formats

We require industry standard formats for all uploaded files. We accept the following file formats: TIF – JPG – PDF – EPS – PSD – AI – CDR.

Rich Black vs 100% Black

Large black areas or fonts bigger than 36 points should use Rich Black which stops areas appearing gray. Rich Black is created with 30% Cyan, 30% Magenta, 30% Yellow, 100% Black.

What Paper to Choose?

We offer a wide range of different thickness and texture card stocks. Our text weight is based on pounds and our card stock is weighted by points. Want to feel the difference? Order a Free Sample Kit today.

What is Font Outlining?

We might not have the same fonts on our systems as your computer, so when saving your files in a vector based program (Illustrator, InDesign, Quark, CorelDraw) please outline your fonts.

Coating Types

We have many coating options at Printing New York including Matte, UV, silk and spot UV. UV coating can’t be written on with pen, but Matte can. Ask our team if you have questions on Coating Types.

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Printing Templates

Download a printable template for your products below. For optimal file compression, kindly upload files in PDF or JPG format and please outline fonts when using vector formats.

Booklets & Catalogs11″ x 17″ SheetInside (Horizontal – Four x 8.5″ x 11″ Portrait Pages)EPSPDFJPG
Booklets & Catalogs11″ x 17″ SheetOutside (Horizontal – Four x 8.5″ x 11″ Portrait Pages)EPSPDFJPG
Booklets & Catalogs11″ x 17″ SheetInside (Horizontal – Four x 8.5″ x 11″ Landscape Pages)EPSPDFJPG
Booklets & Catalogs11″ x 17″ SheetOutside (Horizontal – Four x 8.5″ x 11″ Landscape Pages)EPSPDFJPG
Booklets & Catalogs16″ x 9″ SheetInside (Horizontal – Four x 8″ x 9″ Landscape Pages)EPSPDFJPG
Booklets & Catalogs16″ x 9″ SheetOutside (Horizontal – Four x 8″ x 9″ Landscape Pages)EPSPDFJPG
Booklets & Catalogs22″ x 8.5″ SheetInside (Horizontal – Four x 11″ x 8.5″ Landscape Pages)EPSPDFJPG
Booklets & Catalogs22″ x 8.5″ SheetOutside (Horizontal – Four x 11″ x 8.5″ Landscape Pages)EPSPDFJPG
Booklets & Catalogs25.5″ x 11″ SheetInside (Horizontal – 6 x 8.5″ x 11″ Portrait Pages)EPSPDFJPG
Booklets & Catalogs25.5″ x 11″ SheetOutside (Horizontal – 6 x 8.5″ x 11″ Portrait Pages)EPSPDFJPG
Booklets & Catalogs6″ x 9″Landscape (Horizontal)EPSPDFJPG
Booklets & Catalogs8.5″ x 11″Landscape (Horizontal)EPSPDFJPG
Booklets & Catalogs8.5″ x 5.5″Landscape (Horizontal)EPSPDFJPG

Looking for a different size? We have many more templates:

View All Templates

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a catalog design include?

A well-crafted catalog design encompasses captivating layouts, top-notch product imagery, compelling typography, and seamless organization to proficiently exhibit products or services.

How does a Catalogue look like?

A well-crafted catalogue generally presents an aesthetically pleasing design, incorporating top-notch product visuals, comprehensive descriptions, and thoughtfully arranged sections to effectively exhibit a company's array of offerings.

How does a catalogue work?

A catalog functions by presenting a diverse array of products or services in an aesthetically pleasing and well-structured manner, offering comprehensive details to prospective customers.

What is a printed catalog also known as?

A printed catalog is alternatively referred to as a physical product catalog or a hard copy catalog.

What is a wholesale catalogue?

A wholesale catalog is an all-inclusive printed or digital publication that displays a company's merchandise, pricing, and ordering details for retailers and other businesses to make bulk purchases.

What is catalog cost?

Catalog cost encompasses all the expenditures associated with the creation, production, and dissemination of a catalog for promotional objectives.

Why catalogs are making a comeback?

Catalogs are experiencing a resurgence as they offer a distinctive opportunity to deliver a hands-on and captivating shopping encounter, enabling customers to detach from the overwhelming digital realm and interact with products in a more palpable manner.

How do catalogs get my address?

Catalogs acquire your address through diverse methods, which encompass procuring mailing lists, gathering data from online transactions or subscriptions, and collaborating with other enterprises for customer information.

What is catalogue printing?

Catalogue printing involves the creation of visually captivating and well-organized printed materials that display a diverse range of products or services.

Why do companies send out catalogs?

Companies distribute catalogs to exhibit their offerings or solutions, presenting a physical and aesthetically pleasing promotional resource, expanding their reach to a broader clientele, and stimulating sales.

What happens if you don't pay your mail-order catalogue?

Neglecting payment for your mail-order catalogue may lead to additional charges, collection attempts, and potential harm to your credit rating.

Who still makes catalogs?

Numerous businesses continue to create catalogs as a distinctive and efficient marketing tool, enabling them to exhibit their products and expand their customer base.

What are the disadvantages of print catalog?

One drawback of print catalogs is their restricted reach and lack of ability to monitor customer engagement in comparison to digital platforms.

What are the advantages of printed catalog?

Printed catalogs provide numerous benefits, such as the capacity to captivate customers through tactile encounters, exhibit products in an aesthetically pleasing fashion, and offer a convenient offline resource for browsing and making purchases.

Is it cheaper to print at home or at a shop?

Printing at a shop offers a greater cost advantage compared to printing at home, thanks to economies of scale, specialized equipment, and bulk discounts.

What is the best app to make a catalog?

Adobe InDesign is the ultimate choice for crafting exceptional catalogs. With its extensive array of design tools and meticulously crafted templates, this software is specifically engineered to cater to the needs of creating polished and professional catalogs.

How much does it cost to mail a catalog?

The price of sending a catalog is determined by various factors including its dimensions, weight, where it is being sent, and the postage rates established by the postal service.

How much is it to print a catalog?

The price of producing a catalog can differ based on elements like dimensions, number of pages, paper grade, and quantity. Therefore, it is advisable to seek a cost estimate from a reputable printing firm.

What is the difference between catalog and catalogue?

The distinction between catalog and catalogue lies in their spelling. "Catalog" is the preferred spelling in American English, while "catalogue" is more commonly used in British English.

What is the difference between catalog and catalogue?

The distinction between catalog and catalogue lies in their spelling, with "catalog" being the favored American English variant, while "catalogue" is more frequently employed in British English.

What is the most cost effective way to print?

Utilizing digital printing technology is the most economical method for printing, as it provides lower setup costs and enables on-demand printing without any minimum order quantities.

What are the most popular catalogs?

Fashion, home decor, and automotive catalogs are among the most sought-after.

What is the most printed catalog?

The IKEA catalog holds the record for being the most widely printed catalog, with a staggering distribution of over 200 million copies across the globe.

How many pages does a catalog have?

The page count of a catalog can differ based on its content and design, but it generally falls between 8 and 100 pages.

How many pages should a catalog have?

The appropriate number of pages in a catalog should be based on the quantity of products or information that needs to be presented, striking a harmonious balance between delivering sufficient content and sustaining reader interest.

How many pages should a Catalogue be?

The appropriate number of pages in a catalogue should be based on the quantity of content and products being presented, striking a harmonious blend between delivering ample information and captivating the reader's interest.

What is the primary advantage of catalogs?

The main benefit of catalogs lies in their capacity to present a diverse array of products or services in a visually captivating and well-structured way, enabling businesses to effectively convey their offerings to prospective customers.

What size is a catalog print?

The dimensions of a catalog print can differ based on the design and layout, with typical sizes being 8.5" x 11", 6" x 9", and 5.5" x 8.5".

What size is a Catalogue format?

Catalogue formats can come in different sizes, with popular options being A4 (210mm x 297mm), A5 (148mm x 210mm), and square formats like 210mm x 210mm.

What are the 3 types of Catalogue?

There are three distinct categories of catalogues: print, digital, and online.

How do I catalog a collection?

To compile a collection, generate a thorough inventory by recording the particulars of each item, including its title, description, condition, and any pertinent metadata.

How do I create a catalog in Word?

To design and organize your content effectively, make use of Word's pre-designed templates and formatting tools when creating a catalog.

How to create a catalogue?

To craft a distinctive catalogue, begin by categorizing your offerings, crafting visually captivating designs, and ensuring concise and lucid product descriptions.

How do I create a free catalog?

To produce an exclusive catalog, employ online design tools or software to arrange and craft your catalog, subsequently saving it as a PDF file for effortless dissemination.

How do I make a printable product Catalogue?

In order to craft an exceptional printable product catalogue, it is essential to conceive visually captivating layouts, proficiently arrange product information, and guarantee the inclusion of high-resolution images for impeccable print quality.

How do I get companies to stop sending catalogs?

To minimize the quantity of catalogs you receive from companies, you have the option to opt-out by directly contacting the companies or enrolling with organizations that provide catalog opt-out services.

How do I stop junk mail and catalogs?

To put an end to unwanted junk mail and catalogs, you have the option to opt-out of receiving them by reaching out to the Direct Marketing Association or utilizing online platforms such as Catalog Choice and DMAchoice.

Is it cheaper to print or copy?

When taking into account the expenses, it is typically more cost-effective to produce a large quantity of prints rather than creating multiple individual copies.

Are Catalogues still relevant?

Yes, catalogues remain significant as they offer a tangible and visually captivating means for businesses to exhibit their products and services to prospective customers.

Do mail-order catalogs still exist?

Yes, mail-order catalogs persist and remain a valuable marketing tool for businesses.

Is there an app to create a catalog?

Yes, there exists a multitude of applications that can be utilized to generate distinctive catalogs for diverse objectives.

Can you refuse catalogs by mail?

Absolutely! You have the option to decline receiving mail catalogs by reaching out to the sender and asking to be excluded from their mailing list.

Where can I create a Catalogue?

You have the ability to produce a distinctive catalogue by employing advanced graphic design software like Adobe InDesign or by utilizing online platforms such as Canva or Lucidpress.