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Poster Printing NYC

We’re your same day poster printing NYC experts, with the widest range of poster options including wheatpaste, inline-foil, gloss and matte posters for any application.

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Cheap Poster Printing

Posters are one of the most popular forms of modern day advertising. They are a simple, yet effective way of communication for events, conferences, premieres, product launches and many more. A well designed, high quality poster not only stands out and pulls attention of the audience but also communicates a message. Poster design is generally a long process as it must not only include the necessary information but must also be visually attractive and graphically consistent with your brand identity. If you’re looking for a cheap poster printing option in New York, our poster printing NYC service is what you need! We’ve got years of experience in custom poster printing and print using the widest range of eco-friendly cardstocks in NYC.

At Printing New York you can handle all kinds of custom poster printing jobs. You name it, we print it! Large format, smaller-sized, vertical or horizontal, club sized or the popular 18″x24″ wheatpaste posters. Our full color custom posters are bold, eye-catching and of an unbeatable quality on the market! All this due to our printing process which takes place with the use of our cutting edge digital and offset presses. Printing New York’s poster printing NYC service combines 20 years experience in print with our beautiful custom poster printing process. Turn your ideas and eye catching designs in to high quality posters; we cover all your poster printing needs with fast turnarounds and a wide range of custom poster sizes.

We start production at as little as 25 custom posters which allows you to print the exact amount you need for your promotion, without wasting any additional copies. We offer our printing services in New York NY, Long Island and New Jersey as well. Also if you need a fast turnaround don’t hesitate and contact us and make a rush order! Your custom poster printing order will be ready and delivered at your door the next day!

Why you need poster printing

Posters are the backbone of modern day advertising. Simple, effective, they are the perfect communication for conferences, events, premieres, product launches, retail interiors and more. A high quality, well designed poster communicates a strong message and helps you stand out. Poster design can often be a long process but here at Printing New York we are ready to help you every step of the way.

We print all kinds of products – large format, smaller-sized, vertical or horizontal, club posters and for personal use. Our full color options are eye-catching and bold – an unbeatable quality on the market! Starting production from as little as 100 units, get in touch with us if you require a specific production run amount not available on our site. Need a fast turnaround? We offer same day poster printing on selected products and wild posting posters. Order before 1pm and pickup today at either our Brooklyn or Soho locations in New York City.

Our cutting edge digital and offset printing equipment will get your posters on your walls in next to no time, with a high quality finish at affordable rates. Get in touch with us today for all your poster printing needs in New York City, Long Island and New Jersey.

Fabric Poster Printing

Fabric poster printing is available now at Printing New York. Fabric posters are an exciting alternative to paper posters that allow for wrinkle free rolling and extra protection from scratching and tearing. They are popular with scientific printing requirements as well as businesses that travel to trade shows who want to be able to re-use the same posters again and again. Although more expensive than paper posters, they are light enough to put in a bag and travel, but still provide robust protection for your posters from the elements and wrinkles.

Wheatpaste Posters

Wheatpaste (also known as flour paste, or simply paste) is a liquid gel or glue made from wheat flour or starch and water. Since ancient times it has been used in various arts and crafts such as bookbinding, decoupage, gluing and paper swords. In modern times it has been used as a glue for posters and paper inscriptions on walls. Like wallpaper paste, it is possible to make paste from raw wheat flour, mixing approximately equal portions of flour and water and heating it until the mixture thickens. Wallpaper paste is the ideal combination for wild laying. It mixes easily, adheres to almost all surfaces and can be applied quickly and easily with a brush. Wheatpaste posters are commonly used in ‘wild posting’ marketing campaigns.

Also known as fly postings, wild posting posters are a popular and effective form of self-promotion. Displayed in strategically chosen places throughout the city, on walls, fences or posts, they capture the attention of passers-by and quickly spread the word about your next event, concert or promotion. A well-made wild posting is informative, reaches out to people and can be the keystone to your next marketing campaign’s success.

Poster Sizes

There are 4 popular poster sizes used in large format poster printing. These are typically 11″x17″ (small), 18″x24″ (medium) and 24″x36″, 27″x39″ (large). Across the world, these are commonly referred to as the international standard poster size.

Sizes: Inches & millimetersPrint MethodAlso Known As
8-1/2″ x 11″ Poster (215.9mm x 279.4mm)Digital or OffsetLetter or ANSI A
11″ x 17″ Poster (279.4mm x 431.8mm)Digital or OffsetTabloid, Ledger or ANSI B
12″ x 18″ Poster (304.8mm x 457.2mm)Digital or OffsetMini-Poster
16″ x 20″ Poster (406.4mm  x  508mm)Digital or OffsetDigital Camera Picture, Portrait Pictures
18″ x 24″ Poster (457.2mm x 609.6mm)Digital or OffsetArchitectural C, Medium Poster, ½ size
24″ x 36″ Poster (609.6mm x 914.4mm)Digital or OffsetArchitectural D, Large Poster
27″ x 39″ Poster (685.8mm x 990.6mm)Digital or OffsetOne Sheet Movie Poster – bulk printing
27″ x 40″ Poster (685.8mm x 1016mm)Digital onlyOne Sheet Movie Poster
48″ x 36″ Poster (1219.2mm x 914.4mm)Digital onlyResearch Poster, Academic Poster
40″ x 60″ Poster (1016mm x 1524mm)Digital onlyBus Shelter, Bus Stop or Subway Poster
46″ x 67″ Poster (1168mm x 1702mm)Digital onlyBus Shelter, Bus Stop or Subway Poster

Bulk Poster Printing

The secret to same day printing is actually the same as bulk poster printing turnarounds. To achieve the optimum result, it requires the latest in printing press machinery. Printing New York has invested heavily in to state-of-the-art large format printing presses which have allowed us to increase our output double fold, whilst still retaining the high quality you have come to recognize us for. These machines have allowed us to offer “same day poster printing” in New York for over 10 years, being one of the first NYC printers to offer the service. Perfect for fast moving wild-posting campaigns or shops that need new signage in a hurry, we do bulk poster printing at the lowest possible pricing so you can get your posters up on a wall faster.

How to create a poster

Say it loud and fast. The key to good poster design is a clear, easy-to-read message. A short, quick headline is often all you need. Although “SALE” is an extreme example of this, often found in shop windows, there’s a chance you’ll have to think a little more about your poster. Remember that if your message is read for more than a few seconds, it will not be read. The time it takes to get a big headline is the time that is very well spent.

How to choose images and graphics for your posters

The images, like the text, should be exciting and dazzling. Always store images in CMYK color mode and use only high resolution photographs – ideally 300 dpi in the size of the artwork. For graphics, try to use vector files whenever possible. Photos are made of pixels. The more you zoom in, the more pixels you become and the more blurred your image will be. Vector graphics occupy some memory, and you can enlarge them as you see them without compromising their quality.

What is the poster printed on?

Posters are printed on various materials, from strong paper to vinyl, depending on where they will be used. Internal posters are often printed on 170 gsm thick poster paper. Heavy photographic satin paper is used where you want the colors to really stand out and the images to look as sharp as possible.

Outdoor posters are printed on tear-resistant, waterproof paper for durability in all conditions. There are also vinyl stickers. You have a wide range of choices, so whether you’re working on a limited budget or printing bulk, there’s a poster paper for every application.

Where are posters used?

Posters are used everywhere. Spend the night, go shopping, take a walk, or even go to the bathroom in your area and you will definitely see the posters. Typical poster locations include:

– Advertising panels
– Hoardings
– Showcases and interiors
– Bars, clubs and restaurants
– Company Facilities
– Events and concert venues

The most wonderful thing about poster advertising is that people see the posters whether they want to or not. They don’t have to open a magazine or turn on the TV. The posters are already around us.

Wild Posters 1

Poster Printing NYC FAQs

What are some of the most common poster sizes?

We offer the widest range of custom poster printing sizes throughout all the product lines in our poster printing NYC service. Choose from indoor and outdoor, small and ultra large and custom applications like wheatpaste.

8.5×11 Poster

8.5×11 posters are the smallest conventional poster format and can be used for announcements or promotions with limited space. It is also known as “poster flyers” or “A4-sized.” Community bulletin boards, art galleries, and street signs are all common places to find letter-sized posters. This size is ideal for sending out announcements, sharing information, establishing company policies, and offering schedules, among other things. If you’re developing a poster this size, consider the size of your design elements and the text you employ to avoid making it difficult to read or see. If going for an 8.5×11 inch poster, stick to a clear point with succinct language and clear pictures.

11×17 Poster

An 11×17 Poster is slightly larger than a letter-sized poster, making it a popular choice for using as fliers on street lights and other limited-space locations while still being visible. The size of 1117 posters is ideal for indoor announcements and event ads. They get more attention and appear more professional than A4-sized fliers, yet they don’t take up as much space on the wall. They’re ideal for displaying indoors in places where people congregate frequently, such as lounges, waiting rooms, bathrooms, or near water coolers. We propose a simplistic style with large fonts and a clear statement when creating an 11×17 poster.

12×18 Poster

Mini posters, aka a 12×18 poster, are a popular printing size for a variety of creative purposes, including movie posters, advertising, and personal wall art. These smaller sizes are a cost-effective way to promote events or show off your work. They’re also ideal for portraits and tiny window advertisements. Have you taken a fantastic holiday snapshot that you can’t wait to show off? This size will allow you to prominently showcase your favorite photograph. This poster size should be designed with simplicity in mind so that your message can be seen and understood simply.

20×16 Poster

Beautiful poster prints of your favorite family and vacation images, kids, art, and more may be used to decorate any area. This 20×16 poster size (also referred to as 16×20 poster size) is also commonly utilized in store displays, so if you have a planned sale or event, this size will undoubtedly catch the eye of your target audience. In your business or at a gallery, 16×20 is a fantastic size for showcasing artwork or images.

18×24 Poster

The 18×24 poster is the standard poster sizes’ medium proportions, and they’re one of the most popular used in wheatpaste marketing campaigns. They provide greater room for large photos and little text. Photo posters of bands, musicians, and celebrities are frequently seen in this size. They’re also ideal for use in doctor’s offices and clinics, as well as larger bulletin boards and retail outlets. If you’re making a design in 18×24 poster size, you now have the space to include a little more information while still keeping it legible. However, keep the text on the poster at least 12″ tall so that your audience can read it easily.

19×27 Poster

For typical poster sizes, 19×27 poster printing is the medium poster dimensions. There is greater room for large images and minimal text in these. This size of poster is frequently used to advertise sales in retail windows. It’s also fantastic for advertising sporting events, concerts, and festivals. 19×27 poster size is also commonly used to build a menu of items or services that may be displayed to customers.

20×30 Poster

Product ads, office decor, menus, sales promotions, coming soon announcements, open/closed signs are common uses of the 20×30 poster size. 20×30 poster size is often used in outdoor applications, as well as in retail businesses and offices. Customers frequently purchase or make posters in this size featuring their favorite films, celebrities, video game characters, or images. Because this size allows for a lot of creativity, use vivid pictures and forceful typography.

22×28 Poster

The eye-cathing messaging on a 22×28 poster will draw your audience in. These large format prints are ideal for a variety of applications, including photo images with text, advertisement posters, menus, lighted display cases, and retail décor. Whatever best meets your requirements! When designing a 22×28 poster, aim to include a large, concentrated statement or image with additional details that give the viewer all the information you need to leave a lasting impression.

24×36 Poster

A 24×36 poster is one of the most popular custom poster printing sizes. These posters are usually composed of a lighter paper weight than standard posters and feature imagery from pop culture such as movies, celebrities, books, and video games. You can order this 24×36 poster size in full color with double sided printing or single sided printing for wheatpaste posters where we use our custom thin paper close to 100lb, making it easy to apply wheatpaste to.

25×39 Poster

Large format posters are most commonly printed in the dimensions of 25×39 poster size. This is another popular size, and giant posters are ideal for promoting outside. These are the most popular sizes for promotions in high-traffic areas. They provide plenty of room for huge text, high-resolution photographs, and bright graphics. These poster sizes are commonly seen at trade events and exhibits. At this size, you may create an eye-catching poster with brilliant colors, creative artwork, and clever writing.

40×27 Poster

40×27 poster size is the traditional movie poster size for announcing or advertising future films. These can be found at bus stations, malls, and theaters, as well as other high-traffic areas where moviegoers are likely to pass. This style of poster has become almost synonymous with blockbusters, and it’s a must-have for any major release. These huge 40×27 poster dimensions are utilized for outdoor advertising in addition to movie posters. This is a conventional poster size that may be seen from a distance for crowded malls, sidewalk advertisements, festivals, and other venues with significant foot traffic. They are large enough to be legible from up to ten yards away, depending on the design. They provide plenty of room for huge text, high-resolution photographs, and bright graphics. These poster sizes are commonly seen at trade events and exhibits.

48×72 Poster

Another popular movie size is the 48×72 poster, sometimes known as the Bus Stop size. This size of movie poster is used to promote films in public places including bus stops, fences, and building exteriors. These five-foot-tall posters command attention and are difficult to overlook. To attract the attention of the general audience, make sure your marketing message is bright and colorful. These 48×72 poster are basically at small billboard size, and have a big impact because of their size and message, and they’ll get your ad noticed the most on the street. This poster will suffice when a standard-sized poster will not enough for your marketing effort. You may easily incorporate more information and be more creative with your poster design because to their enormous size.

If you want to create a stunning, high-quality academic research poster, a 48×72 poster is the ideal size. The poster should contain a balance of pictures and text and should explain your study with insightful commentary about what you learnt along the route. With a poster this size, you’ll be able to include a lot of information.

What are posters?

Posters have a long history as an efficient medium for displaying both text and graphics. They are frequently utilized in public settings to promote services, products, events, or ideas. Additionally, they can serve as fantastic art and décor in your office or house. Custom posters from Printing New York feature the greatest print quality on archival photo paper (available in glossy, matte, or metallic finishes) while keeping the economic value associated with printed posters. Additionally, they are available in practically any custom size, allowing you to build the ideal poster for your particular requirements.

What types of posters do you print?

Glossy Posters:
Each print on glossy posters is vivid and saturated. The glossy finish creates a smooth, texture-free surface that brings out the finest elements in your design. Glossy posters look great anywhere but really come to life in low-light environments, such as those found indoors.

Matte Posters:
Matte posters are comparable to glossy posters in terms of weight and thickness, but have a little more roughness behind the print. Additionally, they resist fingerprints and smearing. Matte posters include vivid colors that are slightly more muted than glossy posters. Their best exhibition place is in a bright, well-lit area.

Metallic Posters:
Metallic posters, while less prevalent, offer the most accurate color reproduction of all our poster sheets. Metallic posters have a distinct metallic sheen and, like glossy posters, excel in bringing out the rich, brilliant colors in each design. Metallic posters, whether used for promotion or as a workspace decorative item, are certain to attract notice.

How should I care for my custom posters?

Placing or hanging your poster is simple and takes only a few minutes. While there are numerous methods for hanging posters, one of the simplest is to use 3M Command Strips. These are available as an addition to your poster. Additionally, you may purchase a front-loading snap frame in various sizes for a more refined and professional poster display finish. We have frames available in the following sizes: 8″x10″, 11″x17″, and 16″x20″. Discover more convenient methods for hanging posters in our page on how to hang posters.

To take care of your poster, gently wipe the surface with a dry (non-abrasive) towel. Avoid direct contact with water or other sources of moisture. Posters can be carefully stored by rolling them loosely. Avoid creasing by not folding or stacking heavy objects on top of them.

How do your posters compare to the ones on my wall?

When I think of “posters,” I’m reminded of the ones in the lobby of my local movie theater — are yours similar to those?
Not precisely. Typically, theater posters are produced in a single size, printed on non-archival paper, and printed using classic offset methods (which are excellent for generating large quantities of the same product – but cannot be utilized for one-off, unique posters, signage, or other items). Printing New York, on the other hand, produces our posters on archival paper and in a range of sizes (see below). Additionally, because we print digitally, we can customize each poster — allowing each poster to have its own unique, personalized message if desired.

Is there a distinction between these posters and the cardboard or mounted posters that you sell?
Yes, there are three distinct poster types. The standard posters on this page are photo-printed on archival paper in a variety of finishes (gloss, matte, or metallic) and are available in sizes up to 96″ x 48.” As the name implies, our cardstock posters are printed on 24-pt paper — a material that is robust enough to stand on its own and be shown on an easel. They are available single- or double-sided, in sizes up to 94″ x 46″, and are printed with UV inks. Meanwhile, our mounted posters are directly printed with UV inks onto 5mm foamboard or 3mm PVC plastic (sintra); these, too, are available in single- or double-sided sizes up to 94″ x 46″.

What method of printing do you use for your posters?
We print onto archival glossy, matte, or metallic paper using our top-of-the-line digital picture printer (see below). Our printer is a high-resolution film processor capable of printing continuous-tone images up to 96″ x 48″. Simply put, these bespoke posters feature superior print quality.

Is there a selection of papers available?
Yes, we offer three different types of paper: glossy, matte, and shiny. All three are archival-quality papers that provide exceptional picture clarity and vibrant color reproduction, as well as a level of permanence that non-archival papers just cannot match. Our glossy and matte sheets are.008 inches thick, while our metallic paper is.010 inches thick.

How can you distinguish between a glossy, matte, and metallic finish?
A glossy surface is brilliant, reflecting, and conveys an air of “valuability”; it works particularly well with high-contrast photographs and in low-light situations. A matte coating produces softer, more muted colors and helps prevent fingerprint smudges; it also works well in bright light due to the lack of reflections. As the name implies, a metallic finish produces a metallic, pearl-like impression, which enhances the vibrancy of colors; bear in mind, however, that this finish requires enough lighting to achieve the full metallic impact.