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154 Grand Street
New York, NY 10013, USA

EDDM Direct Mail

Printing New York is your first stop for rush printing in New York City.

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11×17 Flyers

1,000 62¢
2,500 49¢
5,000 39¢
10,000 33¢
25,000 32¢
50,000 31¢

These large sized flyers are a perfect choice for promoting multiple services or products. The flyers can be folded in half and printed with an optional coupon strip at no extra cost. This option is popular for takeout and pizza menus, real estate flyers, healthcare brochures and product guides.

8.5×11 Postcards

1,000 60¢
2,500 46¢
5,000 37¢
10,000 33¢
25,000 31¢
50,000 30¢

This is our most popular EDDM product as they fit almost every type of promotional need. When you want maximum visibility and a strong message delivered directly to your audience, our 8.5×11″ postcards are a perfect choice.

6.25×9 Postcards

1,000 53¢
2,500 37¢
5,000 33¢
10,000 31¢
25,000 30¢
50,000 29¢

Another popular sizing at a more economical pricing. These 6.25×9″ postcards are printed on high quality card stock giving an excellent finish at a reasonable cost. When you need to deliver a powerful message directly to your customers at the lowest rate, look no further than this EDDM product.

4.25×11 Postcards

1,000 50¢
2,500 34¢
5,000 31¢
10,000 30¢
25,000 27¢
50,000 25¢

This is our budget friendly EDDM postcard designed to keep costs down whilst still deliverying results. This shape features a long 11″ width which helps stand out in the mail and is printed on quality card stock giving exceptional results.

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154 Grand St, New York, NY 10013
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