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Circle Stickers

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  • Artwork files require a 0.125 bleed, 300 dpi files, CMYK mode. If you are using vector files like PDF, AI, or EPS please outline all fonts. When you upload a PSD file, please merge all visible layers.Max file size: 200 MBPermitted file types: jpg jpeg jpe png gif pdf svg eps ai psd xd ps


Artwork files require a 0.125 bleed, 300 dpi files, CMYK mode. If you are using vector files like PDF, AI, or EPS please outline all fonts. When you upload a PSD file, please merge all visible layers.

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Circle Stickers with Glossy UV Coating

Our glossy UV stickers are printed on premium 70lb paper stock. These stickers’ colors really pop and stand out on whatever surface they are applied to. The UV coating adds a layer of durability to the sticker whilst enhancing the finish and color.

The best round stickers available are our bespoke circles stickers. Printed in full color on thick, durable vinyl with a glossy, matte, or glitter weather-resistant surface! Weatherproof and heat resistant, our custom circle stickers are a popular form. They come in tiny and large circular sticker sizes that may be affixed to a smooth surface and have an almost limitless number of uses. Our round custom stickers are superior to the competitors in terms of quality! Other sticker printing firms pale in comparison to our high-quality materials, cutting-edge printing and cutting technologies, and meticulous attention to detail in the final output.

Circle Stickers for any Application

Custom circle stickers are a simple and effective method to promote your company or event. Our high-quality circle stickers can be applied to the smooth surface of exterior packaging, mineral water bottles, computers, water glasses, and other items.

Ramp up your Branding

Make your brand stand out with our exquisite circle stickers! Our round stickers sell well all over the world due to high-quality raw materials, innovative technology, strict quality control during circle sticker printing, and thoughtful customer service.

Circle Stickers shipped to your Door

We offer free UPS Ground shipping on all bespoke circle stickers to all customers. Furthermore, all Printing New York custom circle stickers printed directly in our store in Brooklyn, NY. Your personalized circle stickers will be of high quality and at a reasonable price.

What are vinyl stickers and how do you use them?

Vinyl stickers are mostly renowned for their decorative functions, and are sometimes found on the lid of an Apple Macbook or touted ceaselessly as a must-have-for-your-wall. These products, however, are far more common in our lives than one may believe. These “stickers,” which go by a variety of names such as decals, labels, or a more practical definition of self-adhesive vinyl, are used for more than just adornment, such as branding and advertising (still decorative, however the purpose is not). Vinyl custom stickers are constructed of a strong, long-lasting material. Vinyl is far more durable than paper and cannot be simply pulled off. Vinyl stickers have a number of distinguishing characteristics.

  • Anti-fade UV protection
  • Simple to clean and maintain
  • Ideal for use in tough outdoor environments
  • Perfect for long-term use

Vinyl stickers are very popular, and most companies choose them because of their durability. These stickers provide unrivaled customizability and can be used to create large-scale artwork that can be exhibited outside.

Why we recommend UV vinyl stickers over paper

Whether you use paper or vinyl stickers relies entirely on your goals. Vinyl stickers are plainly more durable and stronger than paper stickers because they do not fade or become harmed by moisture or weather elements until they are exposed to excessive heat. Vinyl is your best bet if you require an all-weather, long-lasting sticker that will be used outside. You can also customize them to your liking by creating different shapes, photos, graphics, and sizes.

Paper stickers, on the other hand, are thin and often less expensive than vinyl, saving you money. Paper stickers should be your first choice if you need to make indoor bespoke stickers and labels for packing and boxes. In the end, your project will tell you which stickers to use.

Circle stickers are the most cost-effective approach to showcase your business to a big audience. They are inexpensive, versatile and always appealing, and will help you effectively communicate your business message. You can obtain a lot of new consumers with the help of custom printed circle stickers and they are easy to apply and a great design will always catch the eye. As a result, regardless matter the size of your company, you should include circle stickers in your marketing strategy and get great results immediately.

To make an effective circle stick printing campaign you want to start with a simple message and a powerful design. Work with our in-house design team here if you’re stuck for ideas and one of our talented team can help you design the circle sticker you’ve been wanting. Simple is often the best and the most iconic sticker designs can simply be a logo. Get your customers to work for you by spreading your brand by use of your stickers applied to everything they own.

Paper Stocks we Use

The paper stock of the circle stickers is another crucial feature. A good paper for custom circle stickers should have a glossy finish, a fine texture, be highly print-friendly, not easily pull apart, and have excellent adhesive properties. We built the various types of suitable sheets for circle stickers with these specifications in mind. We use UV coated gloss or matte paper stocks for our circle stickers with a very good adhesive surface.

Coatings & Colors

You can use different colors to enhance the overall look of your circle stickers. You may choose the perfect colors for your labels and create a unique product using a custom design which contains every existing shade and hue, or keep it simple and use a matte finish with mimimal colors. It’s up to you, but we can work directly with you to find the right coating to match your design. Glossy and matte finishes are available on any sized sticker.

Printing New York offers a variety of coating options to add additional flair to your stickers. Each style of coating adds a subtle shine to your stickers, making them glow attractively. The semi-gloss coating, gloss laminate coating, and soft-touch coating are all options. You can also use these coatings to protect your circle stickers from damage.

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What is CMYK?

In offset printing, the standard color mode used in CMYK. CMYK, or Cyan, Magenta, Yellow & Black represent the four process colours in this mode. When you are creating your files, be sure to check the color mode as programs like Photoshop by default use RBG color, not CMYK. CMYK may look more dull on a computer screen than RGB; more noticeable in large solid color areas.

Accepted File Formats

We require industry standard formats for all uploaded files. We keep quality in mind when we print every job. We accept the following file formats: TIF – JPG – PDF – EPS – PSD. We accept CorelDraw, Pagemaker & Quark or similar files by converting them to industry standard graphic formats like JPG, TIF or PDF.

Rich Black vs 100% Black

Large black areas or fonts bigger than 36 points should use Rich Black which stops areas appearing gray. Rich Black is created with 30% Cyan, 30% Magenta, 30% Yellow, 100% Black. This setup will keep black areas looking rich and bold. For best results with regular body text, do not use Rich Black.

What Paper to Choose?

Paper should be addressed first in your design work. With postcards, the best option is to choose a thicker cardstock instead of a thinner text weight. The difference between these 2 types of paper is thickness. Our text weight is based on pounds and our card stock is weighted by points. Want to feel the difference? Order a Free Sample Kit today.

What is Font Outlining?

We might not have the same fonts on our systems as your computer, so when saving your files in a vector based program (Illustrator, InDesign, Quark, CorelDraw) please outline your fonts. This will convert them to a vector image, will not effect the clarity and will allow us to see the same text as you see on your screen.

Coating Types

We have many coating options at Printing New York. Matte, UV, silk and spot UV. Choose the coating based on your application. For example, if you want to write on your cards with a pen, do not choose UV coating as a pen won’t write on it. In this case a matte or uncoated stock coating would suit. Choose UV coating for flyers or banners and our rich silk gives a touch of elegance; 16pt stock a more durable feeling.

What are UV coated stickers?

UV coating is a clear substance that is applied to damp paper and cured quickly with ultraviolet light (UV coating is short for ultraviolet coating). Paper is coated with a variety of substances, including polyethylene, calcium carbonate, and kaolinite, among others. These chemicals are purified and combined with viscosifiers, which aid in their adhesion to paper. After printing, the coating is applied with a UV coating machine.

UV coatings vary in reflectivity and thickness depending on the application, however for premium printing applications, a high-gloss or subtle matte UV coating is often employed. UV coating can be applied to both the front and back of your product, or just one side. You can also choose spot UV coating, which applies an ultraviolet layer selectively to specific areas of your design (a great way to make logos or photos stand out).

Our UV stickers have a strong adhesive that allows them to adhere to a wide range of flat surfaces. Crack-and-peel stickers with a glossy UV finish printed on 70LB material. Our Glossy UV stickers have a protective coating that not only enhances the colors of your design but also protects it.

To satisfy your business or personal needs, we offer a variety of UV sticker printing options, including sizes, shapes, and quantity. Stickers can be used to create excitement and awareness at your next trade show or event, or they can be used as a product label to promote excitement and awareness.

Why should your stickers have UV coating?

There are three compelling reasons to coat your marketing materials with UV coating. To begin, a UV treatment will enhance and enrich your design. Your artwork will stand out and grab attention with a bright, glossy shine that allows vibrant colors to explode off the paper. Printing UV coated stickers, for example, will be more appealing than uncoated business cards, and they will not scuff when used on daily items like laptops or phone cases.

Second, a UV coating denotes high-end goods and services. You’re a high-end brand, and dressing the part instills trust in your customers. When you print superior marketing materials with UV coating, it gives the idea that your business is successful – and if it is, you most likely have a long list of delighted customers. The bottom line is that people will be more willing to conduct business with you.

Finally, UV coating protects your marketing products, allowing them to survive longer – and the longer they last, the more opportunities they have to generate response. Longevity means you may get more bang for your buck by increasing your return on investment. UV coated vinyl stickers, for example, will endure far longer than uncoated vinyl stickers.

What are the benefits of custom sticker printing?

Improve your Branding
They may assist you in branding your company by helping you choose the ideal logo and color combinations. You have the option of incorporating your brand as well as selecting a bespoke cut for your sticker. There are hundreds of alternatives to select from when sharing your brand and its brilliant colors with the world, whether you’re searching for automobile stickers, wall stickers, or a standard bumper sticker. Our in-house graphic designers can assist you in creating the perfect sticker design for your company and brand.

Best for Meetings and Events
Another strategy to promote your business while making it more memorable for others is to give them away as marketing gifts. Consider giving them away at local conferences and business events while strategically putting them throughout the event to help your brand stand out even more.

Make a Public Statement
It’s never been easier to stand out in public than with bright stickers that plainly display a statement or goal. Giving them away gives them the flexibility to put them on bags, drinks, and even in public places, increasing visibility and piqueing people’s interest in your business and what it has to offer. An example of an automobile bumper sticker is shown below. Be inventive in order to pique your audience’s interest.

How can you use stickers in a viral marketing campaign?

Customers Can Easily Be Involved In Your Brand
They’re simple to pass around in person or on social media. Customers can interact with your brand in a less formal way than they can with a business card. People stick them on anything and everywhere, including their coolers, automobiles, laptops, and notebooks. Because of this constant use, potential clients are exposed to your branding on a daily basis, even if just unconsciously.

Your next best client might see your company’s logo on the same laptop they use every day in a coffee shop. They might do some research and contact you after months of constant brand exposure. Business cards don’t necessarily generate an emotional connection with your brand, but well-designed printed stickers do.

Try a Big Marketing Campaign for Less Money
Small test runs are used by companies with substantial advertising budgets. They begin with a little budget to test the waters before investing much in marketing that may not attract the right clients.

Because they are smaller than conventional printed marketing pieces, they are often less expensive to manufacture. Sticker marketing is a low-cost approach to test advertising campaign pieces including brief taglines and logos. The small sticker size makes it easier to explain what you’re attempting to say.

Invest in small batches of postcards for extra testing once you’re certain of your messaging. Then you’re ready to spend a lot of money on a multi-channel marketing strategy.

What custom effects do you offer with your stickers?

You can continually improve your personalized stickers by adding new and intriguing custom features. Even if you don’t want to make your stickers fancy and want to preserve their simple design, we have some wonderful specializations that can improve and take your stickers to the next level.

Foil Stamping Stickers

A gorgeous colored and shiny foil is pressed on your stickers with the use of heat, giving them even more distinctiveness. If you want to add more glitter to the stickers, you can use this feature.

Die Cut Stickers

Because of how distinct and attractive die-cut stickers appear, they are extremely pleasing to the eye. We provide this service so that you can experiment with different shapes and create something unique. We will cut your stickers into the desired shape and improve them including rectangle or circular stickers.

White Ink Stickers

These days, black ink printing is a common and clichéd activity. As a result, we’ve introduced white ink printing to give the stickers greater distinctiveness. Any text written in white ink attracts the eye immediately, so it’s a good idea to include it on your stickers.

Heavy Duty Safety Stickers

We make a range of floor decals and social distancing stickers for COVID-19 safety awareness for stores and public locations. Made from heavy duty vinyl which will withstand heavy foot traffic for years and is entirely waterproof.

You can also choose velvet and soft-touch lamination in addition to these options. All of these features work together to give your stickers a nice finish and enhance their appearance.

Beautiful UV coated stickers printing in NYC

With over 20 years experience in print, our custom printed stickers will satisfy any project requirements. High quality UV coated stickers available in rectangle, circlar or die-cut to any custom shape you require, all at an affordable price.

Why customers love our stickers

UV coated premium stickers are one of our most popular products!


Easy to Peel

No more struggling to peel your sticker from the sticker sheet with rough edges. We provide an Easy Peel option for a seamless, stress-free experience.

Weather Icon

Weather Resistant

All of our bespoke stickers & decals are engineered to endure most weather conditions, including rain, wind, sunlight, snow, and humidity. All of our stickers have a multiple-year durability guarantee.

Time Icon

Fast Turnarounds

Do you have a deadline for your personalised stickers? We have a 4 business day turnaround time for our stickers, which means you can get them in to your hands faster than ever, with no loss in quality. Need it even faster? Talk to one of our expert team today about your sticker project.


Long Lasting Use

We print personalized stickers on the toughest UV coated paper stocks, or heavy duty vinyl (for outdoor use) with scratch-resistant ink, making them extremely durable and long-lasting. Oil-resistant vinyl stickers and sticker rolls are possible as well. Prior to application, however, make sure the surface is entirely dry and smooth.

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