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3 Ways to Personalize Your Print Marketing

By October 15January 17th, 2023Marketing

Your customers value individuality. Seeing or hearing ones name demands attention from that person. Personalization in marketing leverages your customer data to build a tailor-made message which is relevant to the customer. It builds rapport and improves customer loyalty, and this is why personalization in marketing is critical. Personalization in print marketing has often been overlooked but with technology progressing at a rapid pace adding personalization has become possible. But, to take full advantage of personalization, your customer database needs to be complete and robust. Clearly defined customer personas are only going to help you augment all your marketing strategies.
Grabbing attention can become very easy with personalization and here are three ways to personalize your print marketing.

Ways to Personalize Print Marketing

Digital Marketing | Printing New York

Combine Your Print and Digital Marketing

You can leverage your digital media to help your print media perform better and vice versa. Your social media and website data can help you create segmented customer lists for which you can quickly come up with print marketing campaigns. Target these customers with your print marketing campaigns and you are sure to expect better results.

Variable Data Printing

Variable data printing combines digital and print media to deliver customized messaging that are tailored to your customers. You can customize any of the elements, be it text, graphics or images with this technique. You can customize your message as per your customer’s purchase history, demographic or even their behavior. Variable printing does not require a high quantity of prints to be affordable. Digital printing has made it possible for short-run printing to be cost-effective while having a fast turnaround time.

Direct Mail Printing | Printing New York

Direct Mailing

Tailor your direct mail campaigns to your customer’s behavior and expectations. Rather than sending out the same mailer to all your customers, send out mails that will increase the chances of a reply. Was your walk-in customer interested in a product that wasn’t in stock? Let them know with a simple mailer whenever it gets back in stock. The customer bought shampoo from your pet shop? Send them out coat-care tips that promote similar products. The personalization possibilities with direct mail are endless.
Printing New York will help you print your personalized print media and guide you through every step of the printing process. Connect with us today for high-quality printing solutions in New York, New Jersey and Long Island.

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