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How to Design A Great Logo for your Business

By August 10September 21st, 2023News
How to Design A Great Logo for your Business

When it comes to logo design, the adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” is unquestionably accurate. A well-designed logo can make use of a straightforward icon to successfully make an impact on the public. Most logos convey concepts to viewers, such as the caliber of services a business can offer to its clients. If one wants to guarantee that first-time visitors to their websites will return in the future, having a memorable logo is always a bonus. Each business, independent contractor, or independent professional requires a logo; its a core part of your branding along with your name. Since most marketing these days is visual, a great logo helps your brand stay in people’s minds when they see your products or advertising.

It is certainly obvious to believe that logos with innovative designs are more likely to stick out, even if there is no simple way to determine what type of logo design is the most effective and memorable. That does not, however, imply that a logo must be extremely complex. As captivating as a visually beautiful design might be a straightforward logo with a creative wordplay. This is the appeal of logotypes. To create a logo for your business some of us might use a professional designer’s services, but others who are just starting out in the industry most likely couldn’t afford it.

Here is a collection of some inventive logos of all kinds, all divided into the following three categories: wordmarks, symbolic marks, and combined marks. Enjoy!


Zapier app from the United States.

Coca Cola

The Coca-Cola Company from the United States.

Johnny Walker Blue Label

Johnnie Walker from Balmoral, Scotland.

Wild Posters Logo White 1

Wild Posters / Wild Windows in New York, NY.

Ucg Logo Original Flat Blue

Universal Communications Group in Brisbane, Australia and Auckland, New Zealand.

Waltdisney Logo

Walt Disney Pictures from Los Angeles, CA.

Sales Tax Usa 2k Logo White Purple

Sales Tax USA from New York, NY.


Clay app from United States.


Gather Webflow Template

1800printing Logo Outlined

1800 Printing from Brooklyn, NY.

Broadway Logo White 1

Broadway Wine N Liquor from the Bronx, NY.


Starbucks Coffee House from Portland, OR.

Million Dollar Gift Club Light

Million Dollar Gift Club from Portland, OR.

What are the characteristics of an excellent logo?

A excellent logo is unique, pertinent, memorable, useful, and has a straightforward design. It can be printed at any size and still effectively communicate the owner’s desired message without the use of color. What, therefore, makes a good logo…great?

A successful logo is made up of two components: a concept that appeals to the audience and an execution of that notion that also reflects their value system.

The most basic, yet instantly identifiable and unforgettable logos belong to some of the most well-known companies. Take the Nike logo with the Nike Swish as an example. Or the recognizable Apple logo with their..well, Apple. It’s not necessary to overdesign your logo for it to be fantastic. Focusing on a straightforward concept often results in a more timeless logo that won’t seem out of date in two years.

What do logos cost to have designed?

Every business has a different requirement for its logo, thus it is difficult to estimate how much it will cost to create one without knowing what that need is. Some designers would charge a flat rate for any task, while others may have packages or demand that you meet with them to go over your precise objectives before giving you an estimate.

For instance, the price of a logo with a typical freelance professional graphic designer in New York ranges from $2,500 to $7,500 at the time of writing this article. There are many possibilities for inexpensive logos online using free image services like Freepik or hiring a more cost effective designer from a freelance service, but the effort and money put on a quality design are well worth it. There is no second chance to make a good first impression, and the effects on your company are long-lasting. Since your logo will last for eternity (we know, it’s a joke), you should consider it an investment rather than a cost. That investment is one that our in-house designers take extremely seriously.

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