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Natural Business Cards

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  • All our natural business cards are printed on a 14pt. cardstock

    Choose the size of your natural business cards

    Choose if your business cards will have round corners

    Choose the perfect radius for your business card corners

    Choose the perfect radius for your business card corners

    Choose between 25 and  1 000 prints of your natural business cards 

    Choose between 25 and  1 000 prints of your natural business cards 

    Choose between 25 and  1 000 prints of your natural business cards 

    Choose between 25 and  1 000 prints of your natural business cards 

    Choose whether your business cards should be printed on both sides or front only

    Choose whether you want to upload your own design or have us prepare a custom design for $50

    Choose whether you want to upload your own design or have us prepare a custom design for $75

Image Uploads

  • Upload Artwork *

    Artwork files require a 0.125 bleed, 300 dpi files, CMYK mode. If you are using vector files like PDF, AI, or EPS please outline all fonts. When you upload a PSD file, please merge all visible layers.Max file size: 200 MBPermitted file types: jpg jpeg jpe png gif pdf svg eps ai psd xd ps


Artwork files require a 0.125 bleed, 300 dpi files, CMYK mode. If you are using vector files like PDF, AI, or EPS please outline all fonts. When you upload a PSD file, please merge all visible layers.

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Natural Business Cards Printing

Business Cards make a big impact. They are the welcome mat to your promotional door, which every member of your business will need to represent themselves. This is why quality is important. We offer thick, durable business cards in all standard sizes in a variety of finishes from matte to glossy. Stand out when you hand your next client your business card.

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Use CMYK Colors

In offset printing, the standard color mode used in CMYK. When you are creating your files, be sure to check the color mode as programs like Photoshop by default use RBG color, not CMYK.

Accepted File Formats

We require industry standard formats for all uploaded files. We accept the following file formats: TIF – JPG – PDF – EPS – PSD – AI – CDR.

Rich Black vs 100% Black

Large black areas or fonts bigger than 36 points should use Rich Black which stops areas appearing gray. Rich Black is created with 30% Cyan, 30% Magenta, 30% Yellow, 100% Black.

What Paper to Choose?

We offer a wide range of different thickness and texture card stocks. Our text weight is based on pounds and our card stock is weighted by points. Want to feel the difference? Order a Free Sample Kit today.

What is Font Outlining?

We might not have the same fonts on our systems as your computer, so when saving your files in a vector based program (Illustrator, InDesign, Quark, CorelDraw) please outline your fonts.

Coating Types

We have many coating options at Printing New York including Matte, UV, silk and spot UV. UV coating can’t be written on with pen, but Matte can. Ask our team if you have questions on Coating Types.

Discover beautiful business cards printed in NYC

With over 20 years experience in print, you can be sure you’ll arrive with the perfect business card.

Business Card Effects

Discover our entire range of premium business card effects including Spot UV, foil stamping, 3D raised and lenticular cards.

Luxury Business Cards X 12

Painted Edges

Our painted edge business cards have a one-of-a-kind detailed effect in which the edges of your business cards are painted in vibrant hues.

Luxury Business Cards 80

Die Cutting

Die cutting adds a personal touch to your business card and gives them a unique look.

Luxury Business Cards X 18

Foil Stamping

We employ both metallic and pigment foils, which give your printed works a gleaming, bright, and sparkling appearance.

Luxury Business Cards X 13


Letterpress printing is a time-honored method of relief printing, which when filled with colors, leaves a beautiful deepset finish to thicker cards.

Luxury Business Cards 26

3D Raised Foil

3D raised foil and raised UV printing is the dynamic new printing option that makes your card’s design literally stand out!

Luxury Business Cards 51

Spot UV

Spot UV is a unique printing finish that adds a high-shine and glossy finish to certain sections of your business cards.

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Printing Templates

Download a printable template for your products below. For optimal file compression, kindly upload files in PDF or JPG format and please outline fonts when using vector formats.

Business Cards1.5″ x 3.5″Standard (Horizontal)EPSPDFJPG
Business Cards1.5″ x 3.5″Standard (Vertical)EPSPDFJPG
Business Cards1.75″ x 3.5″Standard (Horizontal)EPSPDFJPG
Business Cards1.75″ x 3.5″Standard (Vertical)EPSPDFJPG
Business Cards2.125″ x 3.375″Standard (Horizontal)EPSPDFJPG
Business Cards2.125″ x 3.375″Standard (Vertical)EPSPDFJPG
Business Cards2″ x 3.5″Standard (Horizontal)EPSPDFJPG
Business Cards2″ x 3.5″Standard (Vertical)EPSPDFJPG
Business Cards2″ x 3″Standard (Horizontal)EPSPDFJPG
Business Cards2″ x 3″Standard (Vertical)EPSPDFJPG
Business Cards6″ x 8″Standard (Vertical)EPSPDFJPG

Looking for a different size? We have many more templates:

View All Templates

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good material for business cards?

An excellent choice for business cards is premium cardstock, ideally with a matte or glossy coating, to guarantee longevity and an elegant appearance.

What is a linen business card?

A linen business card is a distinctive type of business card that features a textured paper, mimicking the appearance and texture of linen fabric.

What is a velvet touch business card?

A velvet touch business card offers a distinctive texture that is soft and velvety, delivering a lavish and tactile encounter for the receiver.

What is an eco-friendly alternative to business cards?

A distinctive substitute for traditional business cards is the utilization of digital business cards or QR codes, which offer an eco-friendly and convenient way to exchange contact information electronically.

Are business cards environmentally friendly?

Business cards have the potential to be eco-friendly when printed on recycled or sustainable materials, utilizing environmentally conscious printing techniques.

What is the difference between coated and uncoated business cards?

Coated business cards boast a lustrous coating that enriches hues and offers a sleek feel, whereas uncoated business cards feature a matte finish that imparts an organic and textured appearance.

How to make business cards without business?

Design one-of-a-kind business cards that are visually captivating and distinct by integrating imaginative design elements, employing top-notch printing methods, and emphasizing personal branding.

What are creative alternatives to cards?

Innovative substitutes for cards encompass personalized digital greetings, video messages, custom-crafted postcards, interactive e-cards, and distinctive promotional items.

Are paper business cards still relevant?

In the era of digital networking, paper business cards continue to hold significance as tangible and unforgettable marketing assets that establish credibility and foster meaningful connections.

Should you have multiple business cards?

Having a variety of business cards can prove advantageous when it comes to networking, as it enables you to customize your message and contact details for diverse target audiences or industries.

What is the difference between matte and soft touch finish?

Matte finish offers a smooth, non-glossy surface, whereas soft touch finish provides a velvety texture that introduces a tactile dimension to the printed material.

What is the difference between NFC business cards and digital business cards?

NFC business cards employ near field communication technology for contactless data transfer, whereas digital business cards are electronic counterparts that can be shared through email or messaging platforms.

Is it illegal to leave business cards around?

No, it is not against the law to distribute business cards as long as they do not cause harm or violate any specific regulations.

What type of printing is used for business cards?

Offset printing is frequently employed for business cards because of its exceptional quality and economical outcomes.

Are personal business cards a good idea?

Personal business cards are an invaluable asset for networking and cultivating a distinctive professional image.

Are physical business cards worth it?

Physical business cards remain valuable as they offer a tangible and unforgettable portrayal of your brand, capable of leaving a lasting impact on potential clients or customers.

What business cards feel like rubber?

Rubber business cards provide a distinctive tactile sensation, delivering an unparalleled and unforgettable encounter for recipients.

What are soft touch business cards?

Soft touch business cards are a variety of high-quality cardstock that boasts a velvety and smooth texture, offering recipients a lavish and tactile encounter.

Are soft touch business cards good?

Soft touch business cards offer a remarkable opportunity to craft a lavish and unforgettable tactile encounter, leaving an enduring impact on prospective clients and customers.

What are sustainable cards?

Sustainable cards are printed materials that prioritize the environment by utilizing eco-friendly materials and processes, effectively reducing their ecological footprint.

What is the best cardstock for homemade cards?

The optimal choice for crafting homemade cards is a heavyweight cardstock that is acid-free, possesses a smooth finish, and guarantees both durability and exceptional printing outcomes.

What is the best finish for a business card?

The optimal choice for a business card's finish relies on the desired visual appeal and practicality, with matte, gloss, and spot UV finishes being widely favored.

What image format is best for business cards?

A high-resolution, print-ready PDF is the optimal image format for business cards.

What is the best paper for homemade business cards?

The optimal choice of paper for crafting homemade business cards is a premium cardstock boasting a weight of no less than 300gsm. This selection ensures both resilience and an elegant, polished appearance, exuding professionalism.

Which type of business card is best?

The optimal choice of business card varies based on the distinct requirements and inclinations of the individual or organization. However, alternatives like matte, glossy, textured, or die-cut cards possess the ability to craft an unparalleled and unforgettable impact.

Which is better glossy or matte business cards?

The decision between glossy and matte business cards relies on the preferred visual appeal and the specific branding requirements of the company.

What is the environmentally friendly alternative to paper?

Digital media is the distinctive and eco-conscious substitute for paper.

How thick should cardstock be for business cards?

Typically, the suggested thickness for business card cardstock falls within the range of 14pt to 16pt.

Are thicker business cards better?

Opting for thicker business cards can leave a lasting impression, exuding a sense of premium quality and durability. This makes them an ideal choice for businesses aiming to make a long-lasting impact.

How do you make eco-friendly cards?

To produce environmentally-friendly cards, consider utilizing recycled paper or sustainable materials, selecting vegetable-based inks, and striving to minimize waste throughout the production process.

How to print my own business cards at home?

In order to produce your own business cards from the comfort of your home, you will require a top-notch printer, cardstock paper, design software, and a cutting tool.

What paper do you use to make homemade cards?

When crafting homemade cards, it is advisable to utilize premium cardstock or specialized paper explicitly created for card-making.

Are physical business cards obsolete?

Despite the rise in digital networking, physical business cards continue to possess significance as tangible and unforgettable marketing assets.

Should I throw away business cards?

Despite the increasing prevalence of digital networking, business cards continue to possess significance as tangible and unforgettable marketing assets.

Do people hand out business cards anymore?

Yes, business cards continue to be extensively utilized as a tangible and potent networking instrument in the era of digital advancements.

Do people still use business cards 2023?

Yes, business cards remain an invaluable asset for networking and leaving a memorable impact in the year 2023.

Do business cards matter anymore?

Yes, business cards remain relevant as they offer a distinct and unforgettable embodiment of your brand, leaving an enduring impact on prospective clients and collaborators.

Can cardstock go through a printer?

Absolutely! Cardstock is printable as long as the printer supports thicker paper varieties.

Should you make a personal business card?

Yes, crafting a distinctive personal business card has the potential to elevate your professional image and leave an indelible mark on prospective clients or employers.

Is there an alternative to business cards?

Yes, digital business cards serve as a contemporary substitute for conventional printed business cards.

Do digital business cards exist?

Yes, digital business cards present a contemporary substitute for conventional printed cards, enabling effortless sharing and accessibility across diverse digital platforms.

Are digital business cards worth it?

Yes, digital business cards are valuable due to their provision of convenience, adaptability, and the capacity to effortlessly exchange contact details in an era dominated by technology.

Do electronic business cards work?

Yes, electronic business cards prove to be efficacious in the promotion of businesses and facilitation of networking amidst the digital era.

Are you allowed to make your own business cards?

Absolutely! Individuals have the freedom to craft their own business cards, provided they comply with legal prerequisites and design principles.

Is it easy to print your own business cards?

Yes, by utilizing the appropriate resources and supplies, producing your own business cards can be a simple and uncomplicated undertaking.

Can you print business cards at home with a regular printer?

Yes, it is possible to produce business cards using a standard printer within the comfort of your own home.