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Introducing our Raised Foil & Raised UV Cards

By December 20January 17th, 2023Business Cards, Design, Printing Tips
Introducing our Raised Foil & Raised UV Cards

Raised foil and raised UV effects are a dynamic new effect for your business cards, invitations, folders and bookmarks. It’s literally a 3D raised surface on your cards, perfect for highlighting logos, texts and outlining images, available in shimmering gold, silver or a light reflecting holographic finish. Combined with a matte finish card stock, our process also involves soft-touch velvet lamination, which makes the cards scratch and scuff proof, as well as beautiful looking! Raised foil business cards are available to order from our website today, but let’s first take a look what the raised foil process involves:

What is raised foil?

Raised foil is a layer applied to a raised UV coating during a stand-alone (post-printing) process. UV coating is a special finishing process that we print on a Scodix digital inkjet printer. This special coating gives an engraving effect without damaging the material and is appreciated in the industry for its dynamic factor. By adding a glossy polymer coating to the stains on the surface of a paste, the high ultraviolet radiation allows logos and other cornerstones to be lifted from the page, giving them a literally enhanced effect! In addition, the enlarged UV coating uses high gloss and variable density. With up to 99 glossy units (GU), the highest brightness among printed materials and up to 250 microns polymer height, 100 times selective varnish, our digital UV technology is literally and figuratively superior to any other specialized finishing method for presentation folders and promotional products. When used ten times more liquid than a conventional UV dot, the increase in UV radiation looks and feels like a new, cooler generation of engraving. We also have an option for different densities (from 1% to 100%), which will allow your customer to scale different levels of height and brightness, fully corresponding to your design and overall product. This flexibility allows you to obtain unforgettable tactile effects when printing. The high UV coating leaves a lasting impression on the presentation folders you can feel. High Digital Blade Coating simply adds a layer of sheet metal to the polymeric coating, giving your business cards, presentation folders and other promotional items a higher gloss.

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Raised Foil Business Cards Printing New York 3

Is raised foil expensive?

Raised foil cards are printed with our digital printing presses, which means there is no additional cost for inks, set-up time and everything else that comes with traditional offset printing. We use the best digital technology available in order to make printing luxury coatings like this a cost-effective one. Because it is printed on a digital printer, there is no need to clean plates between runs, making the runs short, custom, affordable and rewarding. In addition, digital technology allows data to be changed at no additional cost, making the configuration of presentation folders even easier and more efficient. The sheet is particularly pleasing because digital printing eliminates the need for additional coloring and setup costs, making it more affordable than traditional embossing or embossing. We recommend that you include variable names, key terms and images in your design, as printing is now a continuous and ergonomic process for us.

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