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Gloss Laminated Postcards

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    Artwork files require a 0.125 bleed, 300 dpi files, CMYK mode. If you are using vector files like PDF, AI, or EPS please outline all fonts. When you upload a PSD file, please merge all visible layers.Max file size: 200 MBPermitted file types: jpg jpeg jpe png gif pdf svg eps ai psd xd ps


Artwork files require a 0.125 bleed, 300 dpi files, CMYK mode. If you are using vector files like PDF, AI, or EPS please outline all fonts. When you upload a PSD file, please merge all visible layers.

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Gloss Laminated Postcards Printing

Gloss?laminated postcards?are printed on full CMYK color on either single or double sided 14PT or 16PT card. After printing, the postcards have a protective gloss?laminate applied to both sides of the postcard, giving them a tear and water resistant final result.

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Use CMYK Colors

In offset printing, the standard color mode used in CMYK. When you are creating your files, be sure to check the color mode as programs like Photoshop by default use RBG color, not CMYK.

Accepted File Formats

We require industry standard formats for all uploaded files. We accept the following file formats: TIF – JPG – PDF – EPS – PSD – AI – CDR.

Rich Black vs 100% Black

Large black areas or fonts bigger than 36 points should use Rich Black which stops areas appearing gray. Rich Black is created with 30% Cyan, 30% Magenta, 30% Yellow, 100% Black.

What Paper to Choose?

We offer a wide range of different thickness and texture card stocks. Our text weight is based on pounds and our card stock is weighted by points. Want to feel the difference? Order a Free Sample Kit today.

What is Font Outlining?

We might not have the same fonts on our systems as your computer, so when saving your files in a vector based program (Illustrator, InDesign, Quark, CorelDraw) please outline your fonts.

Coating Types

We have many coating options at Printing New York including Matte, UV, silk and spot UV. UV coating can’t be written on with pen, but Matte can. Ask our team if you have questions on Coating Types.

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Review Highlights - Gloss Laminated Postcards

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4.8 / 5
2489 Total reviews
91% Would order again
  1. Boborito71 (verified owner)
    United States
    Verified Buyer

    Printing New York never disappoints. I purchased postcards to use as displays for our items, and they turned up beautifully. We appreciate their excellent client service. There was a minor hiccup with our postcard order at first, but it was quickly resolved (software issue). I strongly advise you to use them for your printing requirements!

  2. KindaSpacey (verified owner)
    United States
    Verified Buyer

    I’m blown away by how simple the procedure was, how high-quality the postcards were, and how quickly we received them! It’s amazing that we were able to get them in one day, just days before Christmas!

  3. shane2k3 (verified owner)
    United States
    Verified Buyer

    I used these postcards to distribute themed recipes and will continue to do so at vendor gatherings. I like the 5×7 size because it’s not too big to get lost in the shuffle. I keep coming back because of the high quality of the print and delivery.

  4. Kage_of_UF (verified owner)
    United States
    Verified Buyer

    Our postcards came out even better than we had hoped. I enjoy how thick the pictures are and how brilliant they are. Thank you very much.

  5. SacredAssassin (verified owner)
    United States
    Verified Buyer

    Quick turnaround on high-quality printed items. Also, the pricing is reasonable. However, I’d like to see additional delivery options. They, on the other hand, do an excellent job.

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Printing Templates

Download a printable template for your products below. For optimal file compression, kindly upload files in PDF or JPG format and please outline fonts when using vector formats.

Direct Mail6.25″ x 11″Postcards (Horizontal)EPSPDFJPG
Direct Mail8.5″ x 11″Postcards (Horizontal)EPSPDFJPG
Direct Mail8.5″ x 14″Postcards (Horizontal)EPSPDFJPG
EDDM Postcards4.5″ x 12″HorizontalEPSPDFJPG
EDDM Postcards6.5″ x 12″HorizontalEPSPDFJPG
EDDM Postcards6″ x 12″HorizontalEPSPDFJPG
EDDM Postcards8.5″ x 7″HorizontalEPSPDFJPG
EDDM Postcards8″ x 6.5″HorizontalEPSPDFJPG
EDDM Postcards9″ x 6.5″HorizontalEPSPDFJPG
Postcards1.5″ x 7″(Horizontal)EPSPDFJPG
Postcards11″ x 4.25″(Horizontal)EPSPDFJPG
Postcards2″ x 6″(Horizontal)EPSPDFJPG
Postcards2″ x 8″(Horizontal)EPSPDFJPG
Postcards3.5″ x 5″(Horizontal)EPSPDFJPG
Postcards3″ x 3″(Horizontal)EPSPDFJPG
Postcards3″ x 4″(Horizontal)EPSPDFJPG
Postcards3″ x 5″(Horizontal)EPSPDFJPG
Postcards4.25″ x 2.75″(Horizontal)EPSPDFJPG
Postcards4.25″ x 3.66″(Horizontal)EPSPDFJPG
Postcards4.25″ x 5.5″1/4″ Radius – (4) Round Corners (Horizontal)EPSPDFJPG
Postcards4.25″ x 6″(Horizontal)EPSPDFJPG
Postcards4.25″ x 6″1/4″ Radius – (4) Round Corners (Horizontal)EPSPDFJPG
Postcards4.75″ x 4.75″(Horizontal)EPSPDFJPG
Postcards4″ x 4″(Horizontal)EPSPDFJPG
Postcards4″ x 5″(Horizontal)EPSPDFJPG
Postcards4″ x 6″(Horizontal)EPSPDFJPG
Postcards4″ x 6″1/4″ Radius – (4) Round Corners (Horizontal)EPSPDFJPG
Postcards4″ x 6″1/8″ Radius – (4) Round Corners (Horizontal)EPSPDFJPG
Postcards4″ x 8.5″(Horizontal)EPSPDFJPG
Postcards4″ x 9″(Horizontal)EPSPDFJPG
Postcards5.5″ x 2.125″(Horizontal)EPSPDFJPG
Postcards5″ x 7″(Horizontal)EPSPDFJPG
Postcards5″ x 7″1/4″ Radius – (4) Round Corners (Horizontal)EPSPDFJPG
Postcards5″ x 7″1/8″ Radius – (4) Round Corners (Horizontal)EPSPDFJPG
Postcards5″ x 8″(Horizontal)EPSPDFJPG
Postcards6.25″ x 9″(Horizontal)EPSPDFJPG
Postcards6.5″ x 9″(Horizontal)EPSPDFJPG
Postcards6″ x 11″(Horizontal)EPSPDFJPG
Postcards6″ x 8″(Horizontal)EPSPDFJPG
Postcards8.5″ x 11″(Horizontal)EPSPDFJPG
Postcards8.5″ x 2.75″(Horizontal)EPSPDFJPG
Postcards8.5″ x 3.5″(Horizontal)EPSPDFJPG
Postcards8.5″ x 3.66″(Horizontal)EPSPDFJPG
Postcards8.5″ x 6″(Horizontal)EPSPDFJPG
Postcards8.5″ x 7.5″(Horizontal)EPSPDFJPG
Postcards8.5″ x 7″(Horizontal)EPSPDFJPG

Looking for a different size? We have many more templates:

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a glossy postcard?

A glossy postcard is a premium printed card featuring a lustrous, reflective coating that enriches the colors and imparts a sophisticated look.

What cards should not be laminated?

Cards that are not suitable for lamination include magnetic stripe cards, smart cards with embedded chips, and cards with embossed or raised elements.

What is the difference between cardstock and glossy paper?

Cardstock is a robust, heavyweight paper with a velvety texture, whereas glossy paper boasts a lustrous coating that intensifies color brilliance and offers a sleek, mirror-like surface.

What paper is used for glossy flyers?

To achieve a vibrant and reflective appearance, glossy flyers are commonly printed on coated paper with finishes like gloss or satin.

Is glossy photo paper good?

Glossy photo paper is a superb option for showcasing vibrant colors and sharp details in high-resolution prints, ensuring a unique visual experience.

What is different about glossy photo paper?

Glossy photo paper is distinctive thanks to its sleek, reflective surface that amplifies color vibrancy and precision, rendering it perfect for top-notch photo prints.

What paper is used for high quality prints?

To ensure the artwork's longevity and preservation, high-quality prints are commonly created on acid-free paper of archival grade.

What are the disadvantages of laminated paper?

Laminated paper may come at a higher cost, pose environmental concerns, and present challenges in terms of recycling when compared to standard paper.

Does laminated paper turn yellow?

Laminated paper maintains its original appearance and avoids yellowing, thanks to the protective layer that effectively prevents discoloration. This preservation feature ensures a long-lasting and visually appealing outcome.

Does laminated paper fade?

Laminated paper offers exceptional resistance to fading, rendering it a resilient option for a wide range of printed materials.

What is the point of laminating paper card?

Laminating paper cards not only boosts their durability but also shields them from damage, while imparting a sleek and sophisticated look.

Does laminating paper make it waterproof?

Laminating paper provides a safeguarding shield that renders it resilient against water damage, yet it does not confer absolute waterproofness.

Should you laminate postcards?

Laminating postcards offers an extra layer of safeguard, enhancing their durability and longevity against wear and tear.

Can laminated paper be undone?

No, the lamination process permanently seals the paper between layers of plastic, making it impossible to reverse.

What are old postcards called?

Vintage postcards are frequently known as old postcards.

What are old postcards made of?

Old postcards are commonly crafted from paper or cardstock, frequently featuring a lustrous or velvety texture.

Why do people buy vintage postcards?

Individuals purchase vintage postcards due to their nostalgic charm, one-of-a-kind patterns, and historical importance.

What are the disadvantages of postcards?

Postcards, with their limited space for information and open nature, may pose challenges in terms of conveying detailed messages and ensuring privacy.

What makes real photo postcards valuable to collectors?

Real photo postcards hold great value for collectors because of their unparalleled and genuine essence, encapsulating a fleeting moment in time through impeccably crafted photographic prints.

What are the scuff marks on postcards?

Scuff marks on postcards are indicative of abrasions or scratches that may arise during the printing, handling, or transportation stages.

What is the best material for postcards?

The optimal choice for postcards is a premium, sturdy cardstock that is both resilient and capable of withstanding the demands of mailing.

What is the best paper finish for postcards?

A glossy finish is the optimal choice for postcards, as it enriches the colors and offers a sleek and lustrous surface.

What is the best paper thickness for postcards?

The optimal paper thickness for postcards generally falls between 14pt and 16pt, offering both sturdiness and a luxurious touch.

What is the best quality paper for cards?

Typically, the optimal choice for card paper is a smooth, heavy-weight cardstock with a weight of 100lb cover stock or higher.

Is glossy or matte better for postcards?

The decision between a glossy or matte finish for postcards relies on the preferred visual appeal and the intended purpose of the postcards.

Is glossy or matte better for postcards?

The decision between a glossy or matte finish for postcards relies on the preferred visual appeal and the intended purpose of the postcards.

Should postcards be glossy or matte?

The decision between glossy or matte postcards relies on the preferred visual appeal and the intended purpose of the postcards.

What is the difference between a postcard and a post card?

The distinction between a postcard and a post card lies solely in the spelling, with "postcard" being the accurate and universally recognized term.

How do you tell if a postcard is a real photo?

To ascertain the authenticity of a postcard as a genuine photograph, meticulously scrutinize the image for crispness, precision, and intricacies that align with the standards of photographic excellence.

How do you display postcards without damaging them?

To exhibit postcards without causing any harm, contemplate utilizing acid-free adhesive or photo corners to affix them onto a backing board, and subsequently encase them with UV-protective glass or acrylic within a frame.

How do you display postcards without ruining them?

To exhibit postcards without causing damage, contemplate utilizing acid-free adhesive or photo corners to affix them to a backing board, and subsequently encase them with UV-protective glass or acrylic within a frame.

How do you not smudge a postcard?

To avoid any smudging on a postcard, make sure the ink is fully dried before handling or sending it.

How do you seal a postcard?

For a clean and secure finish, apply a thin layer of adhesive or utilize self-adhesive seals to seal a postcard.

What kind of paper can be laminated?

Different kinds of paper can undergo lamination, encompassing glossy, matte, textured, and specialty papers.

Is glossy or matte better for Christmas photo cards?

When considering Christmas photo cards, the decision between a glossy or matte finish ultimately relies on the desired visual appeal and individual taste.

What are the disadvantages of lamination?

Although lamination offers improved durability and aesthetics, it also comes with drawbacks such as higher expenses, the risk of peeling or bubbling, and challenges in recycling.

Can you mail glossy postcards?

Absolutely! Glossy postcards can be sent through the mail as long as they adhere to the size and weight guidelines established by postal services.

Can you Unlaminate a laminated card?

Yes, it is feasible to eliminate lamination from a laminated card by means of a technique known as delamination.

Is laminated paper glossy?

Yes, laminated paper possesses a lustrous coating that amplifies its aesthetic allure and resilience.

Can postcards be laminated?

Yes, postcards have the potential to be laminated in order to amplify their longevity and shield them from damage caused by regular use.

Can postcards be glossy?

Yes, postcards have the potential to be printed with a glossy finish, which serves to augment their visual allure and fortitude.