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All You Need to Know about Blueprint Printing

All You Need to Know about Blueprint Printing

Whether you are building or renovating a property, your contractor always prefers to rely on a set of blueprints. After all, they form the basis for any architectural design. A high definition blueprint, with its large size, helps engineers and architects share their ideas with clients and contractors. Its low printing cost only makes it more attractive when a higher volume of prints are required. This is precisely why blueprints must be meticulously detailed and carefully prepared. Connecting with a professional printer will help you get better quality blueprints. Below is a list of all the details you need to know about blueprint printing that will make your trip to the printer a bit easier.

  1. Paper: 20 lb, 24 lb and 32 lb papers are commonly used for blueprint printing, and they are suitable for both black and white and color printing. Besides these, 20 lb color papers are also used, although they are only suitable for black and white prints. Blueprints can be printed on Mylar paper (transparent or frosted) using a laser process. But they can only accommodate black and white prints. Vellum is a more traditional paper type on which you can print black and white architectural or engineering plans.
  2. Tyvek: Blueprints are exposed to all kinds of hardships at job sites, and most of the commonly used paper types just won’t last. This is where Tyvek comes in. It is almost tear resistant and prevents scuffing and scratching. These days most contractors would prefer their blueprints printed on Tyvek. You can print on them in both black and white and color.
  3. Sizes: Blueprints can be printed in both small and large formats. 8.5×11 and 11×17 are sizes that are perfect for small format engineering drawings, whereas 9×12 and 12×18 are used for architectural ones. Large format sizes range from 17×22 to 36×48 depending on your needs.
  4. Binding: Architects and engineers have numerous options when it comes to binding their blueprints. They can be stapled (stitched) or they can be bound with post binding. Besides these, edge binding, full binding and even lamination options are available.

At Printing New York, we specialize in printing blueprints. Our blueprints and drawings are printed using some of the most sophisticated, state-of-the-art equipment. We use the latest technology and environmentally friendly materials for our printing purposes. From printing to binding, we will ensure that we satisfy all your blueprint needs. Connect with us today for high-quality printing services in New York, New Jersey and Long Island today.


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