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How & Why You Should Use Booklets in Your Print Marketing Strategy

By November 26January 17th, 2023Marketing
How & Why You Should Use Booklets in Your Print Marketing Strategy

Booklets are amazing. Whether you are running a campaign for your most loyal customers or advertising to potential buyers, booklets are the way to go. They are just as distributable as a brochure while being magnitudes above in terms of space. When you need to need to communicate a longer message or simply need something more than a brochure, a booklet is the ideal option. Here are some of the advantages of booklets that prove they should be a part of your print marketing strategy:

1. Easily distributed

As we said earlier, booklets are easily distributed. They can pack a ton of information and yet are easy enough to carry anywhere you go. Booklets do what brochures do, only better. If you have a good chunk of information that you want to communicate easily to your potential customers, then booklets are your friend.

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2. More Personal

Booklets are more personal than the majority of printed marketing materials. How? Well, while billboards and banner ads are great to reach a wider audience, booklets create a more personal connection with someone, as people tend to keep them with themselves. This makes them perfect for a more personalized method of advertising.

3. Longer shelf life

Expanding on the point above, a booklet has a longer shelf life because people take it with them. That means a booklet reaches the home of your potential customer. If it has a distinct or unique design, it will catch the attention to anyone who sees it – their family, friends, guests, etc. So with booklets, you can have your advertising campaign run much longer than other printed marketing material.

4. More Space

Booklets provide room for longer communication and hence, a larger playground for you to get creative. Planned carefully, a booklet can easily convey the message that you want while being charming enough to increase its re-readability. That means you can play with colors, shape, and add a lot of other customizations with enough space left for the main message.

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So, we saw why booklets are great and what advantages can we get from using them. The next question is – How exactly can we start using them? Well, booklets open a new realm of possibilities so you will not have to worry about the options. Depending on your brand, you can use booklets as:

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1. Magazines

As your customer base grows, so will your methods of communication. Keeping touch with your loyal customers is a great way to ensure that they keep using your products or services. And booklets are a great way to do that! You can use booklets to release your monthly newsletters, give any big news about your company, communicate new promotions or all of the above.

2. Catalogs

Displaying your products through booklets is smart marketing. They provide ample space for you to put out your best products in an organized manner. Whether you are opening a new line of products for the season or want to promote your best-selling products, booklets can do it with ease.

3. Manuals

If your products need a list of instructions before it can be used, you must use a booklet as a technical manual. It comes with enough space to put all the necessary instructions with some space left for branding and promotion. Booklets can also be used as training manuals which include information about the company and standard procedure and can be given to your staff or employees.

4. Activity Books

If your target demographic includes children, you can use booklets to create fun activity books. It’s an awesome way to put your brand out there while being useful to your audience. Depending on the activities included in the booklet, it can be of use to parents and adults too.

These are just some of the ways that you can include booklets in your print marketing strategy. At Printing New York, we create high-quality booklets that you can use in your strategy. We use state-of-the-art equipment and are one of the best producers of booklets and other print marketing material in New York. Get in touch with one of our printing experts with your requirements and together, we can create a great product for your business!

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