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4 event types that wheatpasting is the perfect outdoor advertising for!

By October 8May 27th, 2023Large Format, Marketing

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In the world of entertainment marketing, timing is absolutely everything. The new movie about to launch, only has one opening day. Your favorite band that’s playing this summer? They’re only in your city for a short amount of time. That new fashion line of yours, can only be launched once. There is an artform to creating hype and desire around the launch of a product or show in a short space of time. Entertainment products have certain needs and typically short time frames to deliver. Introducing wheatpasting marketing campaigns. Large format posters printed on wheat-paste or quality paper stocks and plastered side-to-side in repetition along walls, barricades, fences, and buildings in your neighborhood.

Wheatpasting® posters are perfect for a wide range of brands and products that require in your face outdoor marketing. However, there is 4 specific industries that have traditionally used wheatpasting perfectly to launch their new range or market their event. Let’s take a look.

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Music Concerts

You already know that musicians and artists don’t make too much of their income from actual album sales or Spotify plays. The real money is in live gigs and appearances. Getting as many punters to your concert is absolutely the priority for bands and artists but due to the short time constraints between shows and often the sheer amount of shows an artist might do across the country in many cities, its difficult to procure and buy billboard and TV advertising at the right time for the right audience. Wheatpasting® presents a perfect and cost-effective marketing tools for musicians as it often reaches the exact demographic the musician plays to. Music fans love music posters and album art and wheatpasting posters can often attract new consumers who may not have heard the music before but notice the poster.

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Movies & Cinema

Now that films and television shows are streamed across multiple screens and platforms, launching a new film and garnering attention has become an artform. Timing is incredibly important for new films hitting the market especially ones that are launched around holiday periods and dates. Where do people get talking about movies the most? While they wait. A wheatpasting movie campaign on the streets right in front of a cafe, shop and bus stop is the perfect place to get consumers interested in and talking about a new film. Think subway station advertising, construction site fences, alongside the busy mall; wheatpasting is the perfect platform to reach all movie fans young and old.

Fashion Labels & Shows

Fashion shows don’t necessarily receive the same amount of traction as the little films or rock concerts. Fashion enthusiasts might be able to pick the Louis Vuitton from the Tommy Hilfiger jacket in the poster, but most of us might just walk straight past a model display in a shop window unless it really grabs attention. Wheatpasting® is different. It’s incredibly bold and in your face, it’s impossible to miss if the placement is right and the artwork is doing it’s job. Wheatpaste marketing gives fashion labels wanting to showcase new products or advertise their show a new platform to grab attention – think showcasing your latest lookbook shots or just giving a great tagline about the brand. Anything is possible with posters.

Video Games

The video game industry is worth close to $100 billion this year alone. 10 years ago video games were relegated to PC’s and consoles; but now children to adults are consumed by mobile games across many platforms and devices. There has never been a better time for video games to begin traditional print advertising campaigns such as wheatpasting. Just like rock concerts and fashion labels, offering the best deal or the right graphic which appeals to your chosen demographic can be the kicker to winning the marketing game. Wheatpasting® is in the right place at the right time to catch attention and help users connect with new games and gaming platforms.

Final Words…

Wheatpaste posters are the low cost, high yield marketing campaign that works for a variety of industries. Consumers recognize the areas in their city which commonly have posters plastered all over them – they often go there as a means to learn what’s on in their city and upcoming events to look out for tickets for. It’s the advertising that doesn’t look like advertising. It’s guerrilla marketing at it’s finest. Printing New York are experts in wheatpasting and poster printing. We even print our large format posters SAME DAY in New York. Discover our poster printing products today.

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